WWE SmackDown Results: Bray Wyatt carries out unhinged attack; Ronda Rousey’s next title challenger confirmed

Roman rule and the Bloodline kicked off SmackDown, and Paul Heyman stepped on the mic. He introduced the team and reminded us that the Usos would defend their title against Hit Row tonight, as Solo Sikoa takes on Sheamus.

Roman Reigns took the microphone and asked Sami what was wrong with him. Sami said he was looking for a family that respected him and eventually found it at the Bloodline.

Still, Sami said he hasn’t been happy since Kevin Owens ruined his dream last week.

said Zayn he would destroy John Cena and Kevin Owens next week with the help of Roman Reigns.

WWE SmackDown Results (December 23, 2022): The Usos (c) vs. Hit Row – Undisputed Tag Title match

Adonis and Jey kicked off the match and the challengers managed to isolate Jey in the ring for a while, but Jimmy snuck in a tag and took control. He got a big DDT from a counter before Adonis returned and got a big crossbody for a near fall.

Jimmy hit Ashante with a superkick, sending him out before Top Dolla tried to lift both Usos and pulled a Rick Boogs – meaning his legs gave out. Dolla previously ate the double Superkicks and a 1D the Usos took the win.

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Result: the Usos def. Press Row to keep the undisputed tag titles

Grade B

Gauntlet match on WWE SmackDown

Emma and Xia Li kicked off the match, and Emma was in control early on before Xia came in early with a spinning kick and knocked her down for the quick pin.

Tegan Nox was next out and she took a big punch to the face before knocking out Li in the corner.

Li kicked Nox against the ring post a few times before also knocking her down with a kick to the back of the head.

Raquel Rodriguez was next out and sent out of the ring before attacking her injured arm.

Raquel got a big suplex before dodging the spin kick and getting a powerbomb for the pin.

Liv Morgan was next to enter the match and she was caught in a big dive before turning a powerbomb into a rollup.

Liv got into a standing sleeping position before Raquel made a whack of it. Liv stamped on Raquel’s injured arm before she nearly fell.

Morgan wedged into Saturn’s rings, but it was broken before Raquel hit a fallaway slam.

Raquel blocked the Oblivion and got the Texana Bomb before taking Morgan out for good. Sonya Deville was next and went straight after Raquel’s arm before taking a big knee to the face.

Sonya Deville stood on the platform and sent Raquel’s arm into the ring post. Raquel broke free from a hold and hit another Texana bomb on Deville for the pin.

After the match, Ronda Rousey came out and said there was another contestant in the match, Shayna Baszler.

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Baszler immediately went after Raquel’s arm and tore off the cast. Somehow while Baszler was showing the cast, Rodriguez came in from behind and rolled Baszler up for the win!

Result: Raquel Rodriguez won the gauntlet match and will face Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Title

Class A

Bray Wyatt was next and said L.A. Knight owed him an apology. He said he was never Uncle Howdy before he suddenly fell into the ring and attacked a cameraman.

People came stop the attackand we headed straight for a break as the brawl died down on SmackDown.

Rey Mysterio vs Angel Garza on WWE SmackDown

Mysterio was in control early on and sent Garza into the corner before bombarding him with attacks. Karrion Kross and Scarlett were out to watch the game from the stands.

Garza used the distraction to gain control and knocked out Mysterio before attempting the WWE Legend’s 619. Mysterio himself got a 619 from the counter followed by a big springboard DDT before taking the win.

Result: Rey defeats Mysterio. Angel Garza

Rank: C

Emma fought with Scarlett backstage and punched her before Kross threatened her, and they elope.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet vs. Empire – Marvel at 34th Street Fight on WWE SmackDown

Braun and Ricochet got control early on and Strowman threw Vinci and Kaiser on opposite sides of the ring. Kaiser knocked out Ricochet before Imperium tried to team up with Strowman, but they were thrown out before Ricochet came in with a dive.

After the break, Ricochet and Strowman were attacked with steel chairs and kendo sticks. Strowman came back with big kicks and threw Imperium into the Christmas trees on stage.

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Vinci was cut open on his cheek, and they unwrapped a large human-sized gift box and a ballerina came out. The new day came from another box, dressed as toy soldier nutcrackers, before Strowman came back and ran through Imperium to take them down.

Ricochet was at ringside and Strowman helped him to his feet before ring announcer Samantha Irving, Ricochet’s real-life girlfriend, gave him a kiss, reviving the Superstar.

Kaiser was previously sent through a table full of snacks Ricochet hit a big dive off Strowman’s shoulders and hit a big dive on Vinci in the ring, clinching the win.

Result: Braun Strowman & Ricochet def. Empire on SmackDown

Grade: B+

Episode Rating: A-

We’ve got a big title match tonight to kick off SmackDown, as well as a Gauntlet match and Street Fight to close out the penultimate SmackDown of 2022. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Merry Christmas!

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