WWE Monday Night RAW Results: October 31, 2022

RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair kicking off the special Halloween episode of RAW and was on his way to the first game of the evening against a revived Nikki Cross.

WWE RAW Results (October 31, 2022): Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

Belair was in control early on, hitting a big fall-away blow before Cross caught her on the apron and slammed the champion’s leg against the rim of the ring. Back after a break on RAW, Bianca got a few slams and a vertical suplex before Nikki got her knees up for the moonsault.

The match was in progress when Damage CTRL appeared on the ramp as Bayley appeared in the ring and sent Belair to the ring post. Nikki attacked Bayley instead of using the distraction to grab the pin. Belair recovered and hit the KOD on Cross before getting the pin.

Result: Bianca beats Belair. Nikki Cross

After the match, Damage CTRL attacked Bianca in the ring. They were stopped by Asuka and Alexa Bliss, who returned and with the help of Belair take out Damage CTRL.

Grade B

Alexa Bliss and Asuka were backstage with Belair after the game, demanding a title match against Damage CTRL.

Bobby Lashley was backstage for his interview with Brock Lesnar, but Lesnar never showed up. Brock instead appeared in the ring and immediately called Lashley up for a fight, less than a week before Crown Jewel.

Lashley ran out and started a brawl before almost the entire locker room came after them to stop the fight. Triple H was also there and threatened to take their match off the show before the two broke up for good.

Seth Rollins vs. Austin Theory on RAW

Rollins fled the ring early and taunted Theory before dropping him onto the barricades and receiving a plunging knee from atop the announcer’s desk. Theory dropped Rollins on the desk before we took a break.

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Back on RAW, Rollins sent Austin back out and made a big dive before getting the Falcon Arrow into the ring for a near fall. Rollins got a super kick before Theory thwarted the pedigree.

The two swapped roll-ups before Theory got the rolling blockbuster for a near fall. Rollins took a few more big moves before Theory missed A-Town Down, but got a super kick and another forearm.

Rollins flipped a pedigree and came back with a sudden punch before taking the win.

Result: Seth Rollins def. Austin theory

Class A

Roman Reigns appeared on RAW with Paul Heyman. After the “ucey” chants, he said that Jey will return soon as a new and more “ucey” version. The chief then talked about being the GOAT and there was no way he would lose to a man who has only played two games in WWE.

Heyman talked about him when The Miz came in. Miz said he taught Logan Paul everything he knows except the right hook. Miz offered Roman his help with the match and Roman helped him with his Dexter Lumis problem.

Roman asked why everyone was talking about Logan Paul knocking him out before hitting a Superman Punch on the Miz and knocking him out. Reigns still spoke and said they should all worry about him knocking out Logan Paul instead.

The Miz was backstage trying to cancel his match against Mustafa Ali. He promised to sue WWE if defamatory images of him were broadcast tonight. Mustafa Ali came in and made fun of him, challenging him to accept the match.

Damian Priest vs. Karl Anderson on RAW

Damian sent Anderson out early and to the announcers’ desk before we headed for a break. Back on RAW, Priest got a big suplex before Anderson caught him with a big boot and a knee punch in the corner.

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Anderson suffered a spinebuster before a distraction from The Judgment Day allowed Priest to hit a flatliner. Priest set up for the Reckoning, but Anderson came in and caught him with a slump before taking the win.

Result: Karl Anderson beats. Damian priest

A brawl broke out and Rhea Ripley knocked out Gallows with a low blow. Styles and Anderson were also wiped out before Balor hit the Coupe de Grace on Styles and Dominik hit the frogsplash.

Grade B

MVP and Omos were backstage and Montavius ​​said they are going to SmackDown this week to take down Braun Strowman.

JBL and Baron Corbin were next, and Layfield talked about how the newer generations ravaged Texas. Corbin thanked the fans for showing up before R-Truth stepped in.

Truth was dressed like a cowboy and joked about JBL and Corbin before attacking him. The truth managed to fend him off, but a distraction from JBL caused Corbin to take him down with the end of days.

Riddle vs. Otis on RAW in a street fight

Riddle sent Otis out early and made a big dive on both Gable and Otis from the platform. Back after a break on RAW, Otis came back with a tackle and hit the Caterpillar. Riddle geared up for the RKO, but Gable pulled him off the platform.

Elias was ringside and knocked Gable off the apron with a knee thrust. In the ring, Otis was preparing for the finish when Elias put a jack-o-lantern on his head. Riddle came in with the RKO on Otis and took the win.

Result: Riddle final. Otis

Grade B

Mustafa Ali vs. The Miz on RAW

Ali attempted an early roll-up before getting a neck crush for a near fall. Ali busted a boot before The Miz ripped his shirt and we took a break. Back on RAW, Miz got a big DDT and nearly fell.

Ali almost rolled Miz up before making a big move, but he rolled out. Ali made a big dive from the top before Dexter Lumis tried to attack Miz from the crowd. Ali got a super kick from the distraction and followed the 450 Splash for the win.

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Result: Mustafa defeats Ali. the Mizo

Grade B

Johhny Gargano was in an interview recalling his early interactions with Dexter Lumis. He then revealed an audio recording of The Miz talking about paying Dexter Lumis to attack him.

Gargano theorized that The Miz must have paid Dexter to attack him to get out of matches he couldn’t win, but must have eventually stopped paying him, turning Dexter against him.

Damage CTRL (c) vs. Asuka & Alexa Bliss – Women’s Tag Title Contest on RAW

Alexa and SKY started the match and Dakota was tagged early while Bliss was isolated in the ring. Alexa got rana and tagged Asuka who came in with a German Suplex on Kai.

Kai took down Asuka and made the tag before The Empress took it up with Io Sky. SKY was sent out after a break and Kai was tagged and took some big double team moves.

SKY came back and hit a massive drop kick before Asuka tried the arm brace. Asuka got the Asuka Lock, but Bayley distracted the referee, allowing Kai to break him.

Bianca Belair came out and attacked Bayley before fighting their way up a platform and diving back down. Back in the ring, SKY missed the moonsault after Bliss sent Kai to the steel staircase. Bliss came in with the Twisted Bliss on a crashed SKY and took the win!

Result: Asuka & Alexa beats Bliss. Damage CTRL to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Rank: B+

Episode Rating: B

We got a big fight from Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley as Roman Reigns knocked out the Miz. Gargano revealed Dexter Lumis’ possible motivations, while Damage CTRL played a great title match.

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