Wizard and Cleric Spell list and Knowledge system explained

Iron mace is coming dungeon crawler Dark and Darker doesn’t hold the player’s hand when it comes to learning some of the many mechanics in the game.

The title is currently in its third playtest and players have stated how merciless the title is when playing both solo and with a group of friends.

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There are many in-game mechanics that the game is vague about, one of which is how to cast a spell as a wizard or cleric in the game. It left many players who tried out the class scratching their heads in frustration at not being able to figure out how spells work in the game.

Hence, today’s guide will discuss the spell system in Dark and Darker, along with a list of all the spells and levels that can be encountered for the Wizard and Cleric class.

How to cast a spell in Dark and Darker

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First, to be able to cast a spell Dark and darker, you must obtain a Magic Wand or a Spell Book, depending on the class you have chosen. Once you have obtained them, here is what you need to do,

  • You must equip the Magic Wand for your character. Make sure the character class you’ve chosen is either a Wizard or a Cleric. In addition, Clerics can also use Spell Books, so you can equip those on them as well.
  • After equipping the items, we go to the Ability section of the character tab and equip the Spell Memory on them. You can now add the spells you want for your character to the spell memory.
  • However, the spells you can add directly depend on how much knowledge you have. So be sure to equip a variety of useful incantations that do not require too much knowledge.
  • Once equipped, you can use the spells by holding down the key it’s assigned to and your character will automatically use the Spell Memory skill, which shows all the spells you’ve learned.
  • You can now move the cursor to the spell you want to cast, and right-clicking on it will have your character channel and cast the spell.

Knowledge and spells in Dark and Darker

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Casting spells in Dark and Darker is directly related to you the knowledge of the character. In that the more knowledge you have in the game, the more spells you can equip your character.

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While you may be able to add new spells to the secondary spell memory wheel, you cannot use them incantations if you don’t have the required amount of knowledge.

Both the Wizard and the Cleric have spells of different levels, the higher the level of an incantation, the more knowledge it will require,

You can start the dungeon crawler with a basic knowledge of 12 for both the wizard and the cleric. In order to increase this number, you need to obtain certain pieces of equipment such as pendants, amulets and gauntlets that have knowledge-enhancing stats.

The best way to find them is through the dungeon as much as possible and loot enemies and chests.

All Wizard and Cleric spells in Dark and Darker

1) Wizard

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Level 1

  • Ignite: spell cost 1
  • Orb: spell cost 1
  • Zap: spell cost 1

Level 2

  • Ice bolt: spell cost 2
  • Slow: Spelling cost 2

Level 3

  • Hurry: Spelling Cost 3
  • Magic Missile: spell cost 3

Level 4

  • Fireball: spell cost 4
  • Invisibility: spell cost 4
  • Lightning strike: spell cost 4
  • Level 6
  • Chain Lightning: spell cost 6

2) Spiritual

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Level 1

  • Blessing: Spelling Cost 1
  • Protection: spell cost 1

Level 2

  • Cleanup: spell cost 2
  • Divine Strike: Spell Cost 2

Level 3

Level 4

  • Lesser Heal: spell cost 4

Level 5

Level 8

  • Resurrection: spell cost 8

Wizards and Clerics provide some of the best backline support in Dark and Darker. When used effectively, they can turn the tide of an encounter, making it easier for the rest of the party to progress through the dungeon.

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