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What’s next for Roman Reigns after win vs. Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel 2022?

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    When the dust settled on WWE Crown Jewel 2022, Roman Reigns remained the undisputed WWE Universal champion with a win over Logan Paul.

    However, the game was not without close calls. Paul put in another exceptional performance, taking on The Tribal Chief, but came up short on a single spear.

    During the closing visual of the event, The Bloodline celebrated Reigns’ last successful defense, leaving fans wondering what’s next for him heading to the Survivor Series later this month.

    There are a number of different directions WWE can go with Reigns through the rest of 2022 and beyond. His next championship game doesn’t have to be any time soon, but it’s not like there’s a shortage of Raw and SmackDown superstars waiting in the wings to challenge him.

    With the WrestleMania season fast approaching, one has to wonder if the recent tension that has plagued the ranks of The Bloodline will play a part in what he ends up doing at The Show of Shows and whether more seeds will be added in the coming weeks. planted.

    How will WWE choose to follow up on Reigns’ massive Crown Jewel win?

Calming the Paul Brothers Rivalry

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    The best takeaway from Reigns vs. Paul at Crown Jewel, other than Paul proving once again that he can handle WWE’s most elite athletes, there was no more story to tell between these two.

    Paul’s “lucky punch” was played throughout the match, and although he faced it twice, it was not enough to get him the win. Reigns later retaliated, putting Paul down for a decisive three count to retain his title.

    While there was involvement from The Usos and Jake Paul, it barely affected what was going on with Logan and Reigns in the ring and the outcome remained the same. This worked as a one-off spectacle and a rematch is not necessary.

    Even if that was considered a possibility, Paul tweet Saturday that he would have a torn meniscus, MCL and possibly ACL would rule out any chance of it happening anyway. At the earliest, he wouldn’t be wrestling again until mid-2023 and Jake shouldn’t be fighting Reigns on his behalf.

    Above all, it is imperative to put this rivalry to rest.

Getting Bloodline back on the same page for WarGames

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    In the weeks leading up to Crown Jewel, the focus was less on the bad blood between Reigns and Paul, but on The Bloodline’s lack of solidarity.

    Reigns and The Usos have been at the top of their game all year, but that doesn’t mean The Bloodline has been immune to inner turmoil. In fact, it’s been a recurring theme within the group for many months, especially since Sami Zayn started chatting along as an ‘honorary uce’.

    In storyline, the timing couldn’t be worse for them with WarGames coming to Survivor Series in less than three weeks. All that has been announced so far is that there will be one WarGames match for the men and another for the women, with the belief that there will be two teams of five in each fight.

    Needless to say, The Bloodline appears to be tailor-made for a WarGames match. Reigns and The Usos have successfully teamed up in six-man tag team action on numerous occasions, but that was before Zayn and Solo Sikoa were recruited into the ranks.

    Over the next few weeks, Reigns should keep trying to get Bloodline back on the same page, no matter who their opponents are. A broken faction could end up costing them a win in WarGames and possibly more than that, depending on whether or not there’s anything up for grabs.

Finding his next championship challenger

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    The field is wide open for who will be next to challenge Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

    On the SmackDown side, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman are both fresh off big wins at Crown Jewel. Reigns recently defeated McIntyre in Clash at the Castle, but it would make sense that McIntyre would be on the babyface team opposite The Bloodline in WarGames, given their checkered past.

    Strowman also has a history with Reigns, and with the momentum Strowman has at the moment, it would be perfectly acceptable to build him up for a title shot against Reigns at an upcoming SmackDown or at the Royal Rumble.

    Kevin Owens should also be considered a realistic option. He hasn’t been seen on Raw for nearly a month, but he had routinely yelled out Reigns prior to his absence, so it would also make perfect sense to rekindle that rivalry in WarGames.

    Whatever happens, WarGames at Survivor Series should serve to set up whoever Reigns will defend against next time. Reigns shouldn’t take the losing trap, but maybe Sami Zayn eating defeat for The Bloodline will lead to his inevitable exile.

Looking forward to WrestleMania 39

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    November is about the time WWE has traditionally begun planning for WrestleMania the following spring. It’s clear that Triple H has been loving long-term bookings since he took over Vince McMahon as Head of Creative this summer, so it’s safe to assume that will be the case this year as well.

    The most important question WWE should be asking is what WrestleMania’s main event will be and, more specifically, who will Reigns be defending against in that main event. The Rock is the ultimate opponent for Reigns right now, but there’s no indication the late WWE is any closer to realizing that match.

    Assuming The Great One won’t be available, Cody Rhodes remains the second best (and arguably stronger) pick. He is currently on his way to recovering from a torn pectoral muscle, but all signs point to him being back in time for The Show of Shows.

    Whether it’s Rhodes, Rock or anyone else, WWE should keep the WrestleMania endgame in mind with Reigns no matter what his coming months will consist of. Unless he faces Rock, WrestleMania would be the perfect place for his historic reign to finally come to an end.

    If so, the company should try to get the most out of this run until then.

    Graham Mirmina, also known as Graham “GSM” Matthews, has specialized in sports and entertainment writing since 2010. Visit his website, WrestlingRantand subscribe to his Youtube Channel for more wrestling related content.

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