Twitter Says ‘It’s Pure Humiliation’ As Abdu Rozik Allegedly Gets Bullied On BB 16 [Viral Video]

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdul Rosik was bullied since childhood. Abdu, who stopped growing due to growth hormone deficiency, was not alone picked on but also mocked for his size during his teenage years.

Not only that, even his teachers refused to give him books because they thought it would be a total waste. Abdu was beaten up by his classmates on his way home from school.

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As a child, he sang on the streets of Tajikistan to support his family.

Abdu, who is currently participating in big boss 16one of India’s most controversial reality shows hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, according to some viewers, was teased by his fellow show participants.


A music video from an episode of Bigg Boss 16 featuring shirtless Abdu and “I love Tat**i” written on his back while some of his fellow contestants including Sajid Khan enjoy seeing him in such a state has made fans and viewers annoyed.

People are demanding strict action after Abdu Rozik was reportedly bullied by Bigg Boss 16 contestants
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One user hit their act and took to Twitter and wrote, “#SajidKhan ka aaga toh Swami Om bhi Shareef lagta hai. I had watched all seasons of #BiggBoss from 1 to 16. I’ve never seen this kind of vulgarity before. Strict action must be taken. You are a fool if you call this bullying a joke or fun.”

To this another person responded by saying “i cant see this🥺 how can they find him funny and make fun of him even if he said he dont like it. The most baddest and hated person in BB history is sajid and nimrit!! Action must be taken against WKW. @BeingSalmanKhan. #StopBullyingAbdu.”

A third user said, “I ❤️ TAT*I wrote back on #AbduRozik. Well TAT*I ki jagah #Sajidkhan seems to mean the same thing. BULLYING IN THE NAME OF HUMOR. It’s pure humiliation and torment. #BiggBoss16.”

“The mockery of this man who has a language barrier and trusts the people in the house who are ‘apparently’ close to him needs to stop. This is nothing but BULLYING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. SHAME ON MANDALI,” a fourth user tweeted.

“#stop bullyingAbdu even nimrit plays with Abdu’s feelings. When he tried to keep her distance, she started crying that she needs him for emotional support aadat hogayi hai etc. Now Abdu herself has a wrong impression. But at the end of the day, it’s Abdu who’s going to hurt,” another tweeted on the microblogging site.

Some even slammed the channel for airing that particular episode. “Everyone laughing! Horrible people they are, shame on you @ColorsTV for airing this and not intervening. #bb16 #stopbullyingabdu,” one user wrote.

See what others have to say:

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