“Too Many Cry Babies…” – Call of Duty Fans Mock Pro Players After They Exclude Snipers From Modern Warfare II Before 2022’s CDL Major 1

As a new Call of Duty releases each year, players strive to learn the best ways to use the latest weapons, gear, unique strategies, and much more. That is exactly the same case with 2022’s Modern Warfare II. However, when it comes to the professional players who compete in tournaments like CDL, they have some issues this time around, especially with the use of sniper rifles.


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So much so that few of Call of Duty League’s top competitive players have reportedly agreed to ban snipers from the competition. At least it seems to be the situation after several prominent CDL pros came out together for GA-ing snipers ahead of the Major 1 Qualifiers. On the other hand, the CoD community along with some reputed professionals oppose this approach.


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Call of Duty Fans Are Disappointed As Modern Warfare II Pro Players Are GA Snipers For CDL Major 1 Qualifiers

LA Thieves’ Sam “Octane” Larew recently shared a tweet regarding his aversion to using sniper rifles in a competitive league like CDL. Furthermore, he also mentioned that some of the pro players including him have reportedly agreed to GA (gentlemen’s agreements) snipers from the upcoming season of the league which starts on December 2nd.

Few other pros also agreed with his argument for banning snipers, especially when it comes to modes like Search and Destroy. According to them, snipers are given an unfair advantage these days.

However, there were other prominent names from the competitive space who seemed to disagree on GA-ing snipers from Duty League season of Modern Warfare II. Nadeshot of 100 Thieves posted several tweets expressing his thoughts. He wrote that removing snipers from the games will ruin all the fun, as fans also like to see crazy snipers during the games.


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about 1 month ago

A similar sentiment was also shared by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, co-owner of 100 Thieves. Here’s what he wrote, as he lashed out at the pro players who want to ban snipers from the league.

Seems like the majority of fans want the snipers in CDL as well. As soon as this topic spread on social media, most of the people from the gaming community came up with their reactions. And it’s pretty clear to say that they don’t support the argument of the pros who reportedly fully agreed with GA snipers in the upcoming Modern Warfare II Major 1 qualifiers.

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“The cdl complains so much about viewership and why no one is watching…well, here’s why. There are too many crybabies in the league and it’s so boring to watch with a two gun meta. wrote one frustrated fan.


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What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Do you support the idea of ​​not having snipers in CDL or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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