Tiffany Jenkins Divorce: What Went Wrong? Find Out Here!

Tiffany Jenkins is a wife, a mother, and a motivational speaker who has written three books. Tiffany Jenkins wrote “Juggling the Jenkins,” which is hilarious.

Tiffany has over 9 million followers on all of her platforms, and more than 1 billion people have viewed her films. Tiffany is most well known for her witty videos that go viral on Facebook and YouTube, but she’s also dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness.

Tiffany Jenkins

She discusses her substance abuse, depression, and anxiety problems without hesitation or embarrassment. She’s been on shows such as “The Today Show” and “The Doctors,” which are broadcast all over the country.

Drew is Tiffany Jenkins’ husband, and reports are now flying around the internet that she is divorcing him. Let’s see whether the news is correct or if these rumors are true.

Is Tiffany Jenkins’s Marriage to Her Husband Coming to an End?

Although Tiffany Jenkins has not made any official statements, people are speculating on social media that she is getting a divorce. The source of the rumors is unknown, but things must be pretty bad between her and Drew if they’re considering ending their marriage.

On February 16, Tiffany and her husband celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary. To commemorate the day, she posted pictures on Instagram with her kids. In the captions, Tiffany wrote about how happy she is with what they’ve accomplished together over the past eight years.

I don’t frequently post photos of my partner on social media, but today I feel very grateful for his love. One year ago we committed to each other and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for not running away screaming when you found out about my deepest, darkest secrets. I appreciate that you love me for who I am, even the parts of me that are weird and different.

We’ll just have to assume that Tiffany and Drew are still together since she hasn’t officially confirmed or denied the breakup.

Tiffany Jenkins

Find Out Everything About Tiffany Jenkins’s Past

Tiffany Jenkins was an addict who tried to keep her addiction under wraps. In 2012, she became addicted to opioids and spent $200 a day on them, sometimes exchanging sexual favors for pills.

From a successful high school cheerleading captain in Florida to addiction, she Shotgunned her first beer at 18 and then later sold her boyfriend’s guns to buy drugs. The school was no longer an option just three months after drinking for the first time.

She had a wonderful life, but she appreciated how drinking made her feel “numb.” I searched for it.” Then a buddy gave her the painkillers he knew she required. But Jenkins’ mother left her some money in 2009 after using drugs for six years. She didn’t use it to get high. Instead, she used it to go into rehabilitation.

She thought she had it all figured out when she started dating a sheriff’s deputy and moved in with him. But after a long day at work, Jenkins couldn’t resist taking some pills that fell out of a coworker’s purse. Before she knew it, she was hooked on opioids again.

Tiffany Jenkins

She was an expert at hiding her tracks and leading a secret life behind closed doors. Jenkins agreed to do something se*ual for her drug dealer in exchange for some Dilaudid, which she then injected. She carried on regardless, knowing she would be arrested for felony theft if she stopped. She sold her boyfriend’s father’s wedding band to finance her drug habit.

Stealing her boyfriend’s guns to pay off a $7,000 drug debt led to her arrest in November 2012.

Jenkins was arrested the next day when her partner noticed that the weapons were missing. Jenkins’ severe opiate withdrawal caused her to attempt suicide by hanging herself from a bunk bed in jail. Fortunately, a guard arrived in time to save her.

Jenkins confessed to committing 20 felonies, including fraud and the theft of numerous weapons. She was sentenced to 180 days in jail and six months of rehabilitation. Since her arrest, she has not used drugs. Jenkins no longer speaks with her ex-boyfriend, but she did write him a letter to apologize. Jenkins launched her blog Juggling The Jenkins about being a parent in 2017. She discusses how she is getting better as a parent and becoming a mom in humorous ways. Her spouse Drew has been married to her for five years; they have a young son and daughter together, as well as Drew’s daughter from an earlier relationship.

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