The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II console settings

While pure skill is king Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, having the right settings can definitely improve your performance. Tinkering with the settings is part of the Modern Warfare II experience, but as with most things in the series, there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from.

We spent a lot of time on the multiplayer mode and fine-tuned our settings to maximize performance. In this guide, we’ll show you the best in-game multiplayer settings, but keep in mind that many of these options come down to personal preference. Still, there are some that are objectively better than others. In addition, Infinity Ward will likely add new settings or change the way some current settings work.

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Turn L1, L2 and R1, R2 Out
Stick Layout Preset Standard
Vibration controller Out
Trigger effect Out


Horizontal stick sensitivity High 7 (personal preference)
Vertical Stick Sensitivity High 7 (personal preference)
Sensitivity Multiplier All standard (personal preference)
Vertical axis All standard (personal preference)


Direct downward behavior Delay
Automatic sprint Automatic tactical sprint
Equipment Behavior Delay
Activate weapon attachment ADS + contact
Interaction, reload behavior Tap to reload
Armor plate behavior Apply all

Advanced controller

Aiming aid

Goal targeting assistance on
Aiming aid type Default (personal preference)


Target response curve Standard
ADS-sens. multiplier [Focus] 1.00
Transition timing ADS sensitivity straight away
Custom sensitivity per zoom on
ADS-sens. multiplier [Low zoom] 1.00 (personal preference)
ADS-sens. multiplier [2x to 3x zoom] 1.00 (personal preference)
ADS-sens. multiplier [4x to 5x zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)
ADS-sens. multiplier [6x to 7x zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)
ADS-sens. multiplier [8x to 9x zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)
ADS-sens. multiplier [High zoom] 0.75 (personal preference)

Movement behaviour

Sprint, tactical sprint behavior N/A
Auto advance Out
Tactical sprint behavior double tap
grounded sheath on
Automatic air jacket Partially
Automatic mantle Out
Reverse gliding and diving behavior Standard
Diving under water Free diving
Auto deploy parachute Out
Sprinting through bash on

Combat Behavior

Change ADS stick Out
Backpack Alternative Controls Out
ADS Interruption Behavior N/A
Weapon Mount Exit Delay short
Empty Ammunition Weapons Switch on
Rapid C4 blast on

Vehicle behaviour

More recent vehicle camera Standard
Home position camera Watch for free

Overlay behavior

Ping wheel delay Moderate
Double tap danger ping delay Moderate


Graphical menu in Modern Warfare II.

Details & textures

Texture streaming on demand On (depending on your internet)
Mapped texture cache size Car
Enable download limits Off (depending on your internet) Allocated texture cache size
Daily download limit 1.0 (depending on your internet) Assigned texture cache size

Post-processing effects

World motion blur Out
Weapon Motion Blur Out
film grain 0.00
Depth of Field Out
Marriage CAS on
Fidelity CAS Strength 50


120 Hz refresh rate on
Field of View (FOV) 100 (personal preference)
ADS Field of View Affected
Weapon Field of View Standard
3rd person field of view 80
Vehicle field of view Standard
1st person camera movement Standard [100%]
3rd person camera movement Standard [100%]
3rd person ADS transition 3rd person ADS
Standard spectator camera Game perspective


Audio menu in Modern Warfare II.


audio mix Headphone Bass Boost
Master volume 100
Music volume
Dialog Volume
Effects volume 100
Volume of hit mark 100
mono audio Out
Mono amount N/A


Subtitles Personal preference
Subtitle size Standard
Subtitles Background Coverage

voice chat

voice chat on
Game voice channel Party only (personal preference)
Voice chat device Headphones
Open Microphone Record Threshold 70 (personal preference)
Voice chat volume 100
Microphone Test Out
Microphone Volume 100 (personal preference)


Mute yourself while connecting Out

Advanced audio settings

Juggernaut music Out
Hit marker sound effects MW (personal preference)
Reduce Tinnitus Sound Out


Interface menu in Modern Warfare II.


Text size menu Default (personal preference)
Text size text chat Default (personal preference)
Text Chat Background Coverage 20 (personal preference)
Duration of text messages Short (personal preference)
Language selection English (personal preference)
Color matching Personal preference


Subtitles All off (personal preference)
Subtitle size Default (personal preference)
Subtitles Background Coverage 0 (personal preference)


mini card shape Square
Mini Map Rotation on
crosshairs on
Hit marker visuals on
Damage-based hit markers on
Player names abbreviated
Vehicle HUD prompts Fade after 5 seconds


Telemetry Amended
Server latency on
Packet Loss on
Clock Out
connection meter on

Advanced interface settings

Tooltips on
Parallax Effects on
Point in the middle Out
Point scale in the middle Standard

Account & Network


cross play On (personal preference)
Crossplay communication on

Content filters

text chat On (personal preference)
profanity filter On (personal preference)
Dismemberment and gore effects On (personal preference)

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