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Have you experienced an invasion or are you afraid of it? Since about fifty million homes are stolen every year, you could become a victim of burglary or theft. It indicates that your property remains protected and vulnerable to these thieves if you have the right security device.

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The need or importance of keeping your homes safe in the United States and other global areas highlights why the security surveillance industry is a multi-billion dollar market dominated by a small number of companies. Because of this dominance, security system equipment is expensive and often beyond the reach of ordinary people. Some big companies dominated the security systems market for a while, setting the rates they wanted and targeting consumers.

For this reason, the designers of Safe Cam 360 sought to create a tool that could provide unobtrusive, all-encompassing protection for your home. This review tells you everything you want to know about the latest advanced incandescent surveillance camera, such as Safe Cam 360’s main features, instructions for use, benefits and sources of purchase.

About 360 Safe Cam:

A well-informed startup is transforming the industry and reducing the cost of surveillance equipment for everyone. This company created the revolutionary device “360 Safe Cam”. With an HD 1080p camera, this home security light offers significantly better home security at a measly price. According to our review of Safe Camera 360, it works flawlessly and requires no cables, batteries, or recurring cloud storage fees. It only takes a moment to set up.


The 360 ​​Safe Cam is a small security camera in the shape of a bulb or light bulb with many high-tech features for use both inside and outside your home and business premises.

The best engineers created the groundbreaking 360 Safe Cam’s lightbulb surveillance camera to maintain the safety and security of your home. This inexpensive home security bulb features a high-resolution camera that fits on any regular light bulb and connects directly to your Wi-Fi connection. Safe Cam 360 can be controlled with any Android or iPhone device. It is also technologically superior.

Benefits of 360 Secure Cameras:

Budget Friendly- Affordability is its strongest point. It is an affordable home security system with no installation or service charges, unlike other solutions such as standard doorbells and peephole cameras that do. It is now quite popular in the industry as it is reasonably priced. You can take advantage of the current 50% offer for incredible deals.

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Home Security Booster – The latest bulb camera is equipped with advanced capabilities that efficiently deter intruders and dangers from a distance. By pressing a button, this gadget allows you to instantly activate a loud alarm that would deter unwanted intruders. Thanks to the HD resolution of 1080p, you can see everything clearly in your home.

Security Light – This camera has superior LED lights that serve as security lighting. You can turn on the four bright lights to restore the light you turned off for this camera. It can also brighten up a location when activity has been detected.

Wireless connection- This camera uses the energy from the wall outlet to operate. With no cloud storage, batteries, adapters or wiring required, Safe Camera 360 features a 1080p high-definition light bulb camera that identifies motion and notifies users. It should last about 20 to 30 years, but as with anything, the life of the Safe Cam 360 depends on how well it is maintained.

The working mechanism of 360 Safe Camera:

Compared to traditional doorbell cameras, which are stationary and cannot move with you, 360 Safe Camera captures in HD 1080p and has a 360-degree field of view. It is very portable and usable wherever you go. Color night vision, 1080p video resolution, down, up, right, left and panning 360 rotations are all features of the 360 ​​Safe Camera. Motion capture is flawless and the alarm function deters burglars. With an Android or iOS application you can keep an eye on your home or workplace without needing power connections or batteries.

The company claims in the 360 ​​Safe Camera testimonials that this lightweight security camera is for securing your home. Accessible anywhere, it provides homes and businesses with suitable camera pieces without installation fees, service fees or monthly online storage fees, saving you big.

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A 360 Safe camera can be installed in less than a moment and is as easy to set up as changing a light bulb. The Safety Bulb Camera or the Safe Cam 360 connects to your home Wi-Fi network with an intuitive smartphone application. You can access the video from anywhere in the world with an Android or iPhone.

Features of 360 Secure Camera:

Accessibility – You can access the video from anywhere in the world on your smartphone. This advanced camera light system also zooms in and offers 360 rotations, capturing the entire environment while protecting your home.

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Alarm – Intruders should be deterred by this camera’s technology as it allows you or a family member to sound an alert to deter intruders. An alert will be sent to you and the application will allow you to set the alarm.

Alerts and motion tracking – The high-tech features of this camera provide peace of mind, including automated activity recognition and alerts. The automated activity sensor tracks moving objects until they leave the camera’s field of view. It notifies your smartphone live when activity is detected. This built-in motion detector deters intruders and can help you feel safe in your surroundings.

Audio System- The two-way audio system is included with this Safe Cam 360 to simplify your interaction. Either for security or any other purpose, this tool allows you to talk and listen to family members, whenever you want, from any part of the world. When you’re not around, you can always check on your kids and pets to find out what they’re up to.

Connectivity – You can monitor and control the recording through a smartphone app on your device, be it an Android or iOS device. The 360 ​​Safe Camera connects to your Wi-Fi connection through an easy-to-use application.

Lights- There are four brilliant LED lights on this camera that you can activate using an application. To replace the light you took away from the camera; you can always turn on the four bright lights. Alternatively, it marks the region where the movement was observed.

Importance of 360 Secure Camera:

360 Safe Camera is the most innovative and advanced home security spherical camera. It has all the required high-tech elements, making it highly efficient and the preferred option for customers. It’s portable, easy to set up and packed with advanced features that can be used both inside and outside your home or workplace.

Several consumers have learned that Safe Cam 360 has a full-color night mode, 1080p video clarity, 360-degree movement, and pans down, up, right, and left. Activity recognition works flawlessly and the alarm function deters burglars.

To set up the 360 ​​Safe Camera:

Open your lightbulb camera

Install the application

To link the camera to the application, find the QR code and scan the camera.

Connect it to your WiFi connection (only 2.4 GHz WiFi) and screw the camera to the desired location

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Since there are no batteries in this camera, it requires a constant current to be turned “ON” and operate. You can set it up in less than a moment and it’s as easy as changing a light bulb. This camera connects to your Wi-Fi connection with an intuitive application. On an Android or iPhone smartphone, the video can be accessed from Safe Cam 360 to any part of the world. So you can get this camera from the link below.

Benefits of the secure 360 ​​camera:

The 360 ​​Safe camera is user-friendly.

It is safe to use the camera around pets and children.

It works with most lamp bases.

It has 360, zoom, tilt and pan rotation.

Safe Cam 360 switches on the bright lights via the application.

You can talk and listen to your family anywhere, anytime.

Full color night vision is included with this camera.

Benefits of the secure 360 ​​camera:

You can only buy this smart camera from the official site.

Limited stock of the camera is available for purchase.


Countless people around the world use the innovative features of the Safe Cam 360 to increase the security of their home and provide them with greater comfort while away from home. Without the need for cloud storage, power, connectors or cabling, this latest technological advancement includes a 1080p high-definition bulb camera. This lamp connects directly to WiFi and is easy to install in any standard lamp socket.

This camera is the best option because it is distinctive, efficient and cheap. You will have a great time with these fantastic benefits and features. It is portable and packed with advanced features that can be used indoors, outdoors or in the office. So protect your home today with Safe Cam 360.

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