Rocket League Frosty Fest 2022 start date, game modes and cosmetics

Things get hot and cold in Rocket League. That’s because Season 9 of Rocket League is already out and the main theme for this season is fire and ice. Of all the new additions Season 9 has to offer, you will also witness the return of one of Rocket League’s biggest winter events. That would be Frosty Fest.

It had already been confirmed that Frosty Fest would return at some point in Season 9, but there are now more details on what to expect from Frosty Fest 2022. Frosty Fest 2022 marks the sixth year this event has made its way to Rocket League. First debuting in 2017, Frosty Fest is an event that not only ushers in the winter season, but also gets everyone ready for the holiday season.

Psyonix released a quick 45 second trailer to show off Frosty Fest 2022. Not only did the trailer get us in a very wintry mood, but it also showed us a brief look at what to expect from Frosty Fest 2022. Fortunately, we can elaborate a bit more on what exactly is coming in the game with this annual event.

New rewards, new challenges and a new soundtrack

One of the most common things to expect from new Rocket League events is new rewards and new challenges. If you complete some of the new challenges Frosty Fest 2022 offers, you’ll get some rewards in return. The rewards you get are all Lofi Girl and Winter themed rewards. Expect Lofi Girl wheels, toppers, decals, player banners and many more winter themed items.

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Golden Rewards also return with the Frosty Fest 2022 event. Just as Golden Rewards have worked in the past, you can earn up to five Golden Gifts. With every Golden Gift you earn and open, you will receive an item from the Elevation Series, Vindicator Series, or the Player’s Choice Item Series. Completing the Golden Rewards Challenge isn’t usually too hard to accomplish, so it’s definitely worth grabbing a few free items from the above three series.

Frosty Fest 2022 wouldn’t be complete without a little winter music right now, right? Frosty Fest 2022 has had a new soundtrack made especially for this event. The new soundtrack will contain five songs. Two of the songs are by artist Kainbeats, two of the songs are by artist Purrple Cat, and one song on the soundtrack is by Xander. Each of the Player Anthems costs 300 Credits each. To save some extra Credits, you can buy the full soundtrack for 800 Credits.

Three new game modes

Frosty Fest 2022 will run for three weeks. The event starts on December 14 and ends on January 3. A new game mode comes and goes every week.

From December 14th to December 21st you can play ‘Winter Breakaway’. Winter Breakaway is a hockey-based game mode where you can engage in 3v3 battles in a snowy throwback arena. The perfect type of game mode to kick off this event.

On December 21, Winter Breakaway will officially leave the game, but “Heatseeker Ricochet” will debut and last until December 28. . As soon as you touch the ball in this game mode, it will shoot it towards your opponent’s goal and vice versa until the ball is scored. The ball will gradually get faster, making it very difficult to stop shots the longer each goal is played out.

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The last game mode that will end Frosty Fest 2022 is “Knockout”. Knockout is another game mode that Rocket League fans should be quite familiar with. For those unfamiliar with Knockout: Knockout is Rocket League’s take on a battle royale game mode. You can attack, block and grab the other 7 opponents, but the goal is simply to be the last of the 8 remaining players. There is no ball and no goal. Just try to be the last car to win the match.

While this will be Frosty Fest’s sixth consecutive year, each year seems to bring new content to Rocket League. With Frosty Fest 2022 kicking off on December 14, you’ve got just under a week to dive into Season 9 and get ready for the final Rocket League event of 2022.

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