Release date, new Tank Hero, new map, and more

Overwatch 2 has taken over the multiplayer community since its release, as the hero shooter sits with at least 25 million players a month after launch. As the current season draws to a close, players are excited to see what the popular title brings next.

TWENTY FIVE. MILLION. PLAYERS. IN. TEN. TO DAWN. 🤯Thanks to the 25 million players who have jumped in now #Overwatch2 with us

The second season of Overwatch 2 has a release date, and there have been reports of a new one as well Hero come to the pool with a brand new card. The free-to-play title has excited the player base as the community hopes Blizzard delivers top-notch content.

Overwatch 2 is a worthy successor to the 2016 title that held up the pro scene for a long time. The sequel is expected to offer players a similar experience when it releases on December 6.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 lasts nine weeks

The Null Sector leader is on a mission to create a better world for Omnics… at all costs. #Overwatch2 Season 2, Dec 6. More information about Ramattra:

In Blizzard’s official blog post, they detailed the roadmap for the near future of Overwatch 2. According to the article, the official release date for Season 2 is December 6. Blizzard has already confirmed that each season will run for nine weeks. Aside from the post, the company also shared a post on their official Overwatch Twitter handle stating the release date.

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Based on this information, it can be assumed that the upcoming season will end on February 6 or 7, 2023 and that Season 3 will start shortly after. That said, Blizzard has yet to confirm the timing for the Season 2 release.

The upcoming season has been long awaited by fans as the reports look extremely promising with a variety of additions.

Tank Hero, Ramattra Made His Debut in Overwatch’s 2019 PvE Storm Rising Event

During the Overwatch League Grand Finals, Blizzard made an announcement about the addition of a brand new Tank Hero to Overwatch 2. With Season 2 on the horizon, fans can expect Ramatra to enter the hero pool.

youtube cover

Blizzard also released a short original trailer for Ramattra as he is set to join the Tank lineup in the upcoming season. Veteran fans of the Overwatch franchise may recognize Ramattra from his debut in Overwatch 2019 PvE Storm Rising event. The hero appeared at the end of a closing movie where he spoke to Doomfist.

This is what we know about Ramattra’s skills via @pcgamer 🎮Ramattra will have TWO forms: Omnic Form + Nemesis Form, the latter being compared to a close-range brawler 🛡

It is speculated that the hero has two different forms of abilities, Omnic and Nemesis. Ramattra will be able to exchange the forms, where in Omnic form he will be similar to a DPS Hero, while in Nemesis form he will transform into a bigger build.

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The new map is set in an icy environment in Overwatch 2

With Season 2 coming out next month, there are reports that a new map is coming to the game. According to online sources, game director Aaron Keller has revealed that the upcoming Hero, Ramattra and the map are closely linked.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 launches with a new hero AND a new map Game Director Aaron Keller revealed that the hero and map are closely linked. With the reveal of Ramattra, this shambali-inspired map could be a precursor to release in Season 2.

Based on the images online, one can expect the map to be in an icy environment. This theme can make for a unique map that the player base has never seen before. Overwatch has always provided exciting maps to the community.

There is no official information about the map’s release yet, but fans can expect it to be added to the map pool in Season 2.

Fans can also look forward to tons of changes with the second season of Overwatch 2, as Blizzard has been working on many things, including a new hero.

So far, the first season has the spell player base generous when the title became free-to-play so that more players could enjoy it. Many out-of-contact veterans are returning as the professional scene continues to thrive with the Overwatch League.

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