Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global

Niantic recently released information about the Global and Las Vegas parts of the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event, and it looks like players are headed for a gala time. The occasion is marked by the arrival of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, along with the introduction of a number of new shiny variants to the game.

Season of Light is coming to an end in the next few days and Mythical Wishes will take its place. The December content update for Pokemon GO was previously revealed. Niantic also announced the On the way to Hoenn Mega Raid Dayin which mega-evolved forms of the Hoenn starters appear for the first time.

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So what awaits trainers on the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global?

Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – worldwide

The official announcement blog post invites players from around the world to join a global adventure on Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26, 2023 from 10am to 6pm local time.

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During that time, players can join a Special Research store Chasing Legends, where Rhi of the GO Ultra Recon Squad enlists the player’s help in pursuing the Red and Blue Orbs.

According to Hoenn lore, these artifacts are linked to Primal Kyogre and Primal Gourdon. The previous rumors were correct and the Primal versions of these legendary beasts are indeed coming to Pokemon GO with the event.

Primeval Beasts Are Coming (Image via Pokemon GO)
Primeval Beasts Are Coming (Image via Pokemon GO)

The event also features the Ruby vs. Sapphire Challenge, where players must choose a Ruby or a Sapphire badge. Their choice will affect certain aspects of the event, according to the announcement. Players can also collect Mega Energy and encounter Ghost-type Pokemon with rare Field Research tasks.

If purchased, Masterwork Research: Wish Granted gives trainers the chance to encounter a Shiny Jirachi. The Raid bosses for the different levels that week are as follows:

  • One Star Raids: Treecko (Glossy variant available), Torchic (Glossy variant available), Mudkip (Glossy variant available)
  • Five-star raids: Normal Forme Deoxys (Glossy variant available), Attack Forme Deoxys (Glossy variant available), Defense Forme Deoxys (Glossy variant available), Speed ​​Forme Deoxys (Glossy variant available)
  • Original Raids: Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon

Players can encounter the following shiny pocket monsters for the first time PokémonGO:

  • Shiny Unown H
  • Shiny Surskit
  • Shiny Gulpin
  • Shiny Torkoal
  • Shiny Cacnea
  • Shiny Tropius
  • Shiny relic

In addition, the event will feature special Pokemon appearing in unique habitats. The pocket monsters and their habitats are as follows:

  • Scorching Sand: Torchic (Glossy variant available), Nincada (Glossy variant available), Cacnea (Glossy variant available), Bagon (Glossy variant available) and more
  • green earth: Treecko (glossy variant available), Wurmple (glossy variant available). Mawile (glossy variant available), Gulpin (glossy variant available) and more
  • Terrifying Mists: Surskit (Glossy variant available), Meditite (Glossy variant available), Chimecho (Glossy variant available), Absol (Glossy variant available), and more
  • Old banks: Mudkip (Glossy variant available), Lileep (Glossy variant available), Feebas (Glossy variant available), Clamperl (Glossy variant available) and more
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Over the course of the event, the following critters will hatch from the various eggs in Pokemon GO:

  • 2km Eggs: Pichu (Glossy variant available), Igglybuff (Glossy variant available), Treecko (Glossy variant available), Torchic (Glossy variant available), Mudkip (Glossy variant available), Azurill (Glossy variant available), Wynaut (Glossy variant available)
  • 5km Eggs: Surskit (Glossy variant available), Gulpin (Glossy variant available), Cacnea (Glossy variant available)
  • 7km Eggs: Tripanch (Glossy variant available), Feebas (Glossy variant available), Bagon (Glossy variant available), Beldum (Glossy variant available)
  • 10km Eggs: Torkoal (Glossy variant available), Tropius (Glossy variant available), Relicanth (Glossy variant available)

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That’s all there is to know about the GO Tour’s Global Event: Hoenn. Players can also find out more about the in-person live event that will be held in Las Vegas by checking here. They can also find out about the upcoming events in December here.

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