NXT recap & reactions (Dec. 6, 2022): Iron men & maidens

Axiom man

Andre Chase, Axiom, and yes, Von Wagner, played an incredible triple threat game this week. With a spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge on the line, this was the biggest competition for everyone involved.

It started as you thought, with the big man dominating by sheer strength. Neither Chase nor Axiom are on Von’s level in an arm wrestling match, let alone a display of strength, so yes, he did the smart thing. But the problem heels always run into when they double the good guys is that the good guys focus their attention on him instead of each other. Andre and Axiom did just that for most of the first act of the match, attacking Wagner together with double shoulder blocks and suplexes, or attacking him solo in tandem.

The second act clearly featured more equal opportunity assaults, including Chase bombing the big man off the top rope. Regardless of how it went, the match made one thing clear: Von Wagner’s power is a problem, so neutralize him or perish. The action slowed down a bit for a few seconds when Axiom and Chase first touched, almost as if they didn’t know each other’s rhythm. But eventually found out, though the match shined as all three men found a part. The shining moment of the match for me came after Chase dodged an Axiom attack, which led to Axiom dove suicide into Von. Axiom then blasted back into the ring, thinking he caught Chase off guard and eating a nice Tiger Driver. Props to both men for the one because it looked great.

Finally, quite quickly, Wagner canceled Chase and fell victim to the Golden Ratio. And with that, Axiom gets the last spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge, along with some momentum.

Iron Heart (good)

What immediately draws my attention to the women’s triple threat match for the last spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge is that while all three women have a bigger goal in mind – winning the title, duh – there are smaller goals as well. Indi has beef with Roxanne Perez and a giant chip on her shoulder. Wendy Choo can’t stand Cora Jade and still owes her a few weeks ago. Fallon Henley and Kiana James have a gang war going on and hate each other with the passion of 1000 suns.

With all that in mind, both women make an attractive newcomer, but unfortunately only one survives. It’s like Highlander. Well no, it’s not like Highlander but everything sounds cool compared to Highlander.

Indi started aggressively, as is her style these days. But Wendy interrupted her with her own brand of aggression, going after both of her opponents, bouncing from one to the other like a pinball machine. She and Fallon traded blows like two runny noses. What made it funny was that Indi kept trying to get back into the match, but Wendy kept knocking her out. That’s actually illustrative of NXT’s women’s division as a whole. The other women, including Mandy Rose, see Indi Hartwell as an afterthought. Even worse, they see her as yesterday’s news.

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But Indi said “nah” to all of that and kept hooking up. She countered Wendy’s splash with a spinebuster, she broke pin attempts when her opponents thought she was out, and that also played out in the ending.

Wendy Choo puts Fallon in the drop zone and hits her with a big splash. She runs for cover, but guess who pushed her out of the ring? India. Guess who crushed Fallon with an elbow for good measure? India. And guess who earned her spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge competition? India.

While this match wasn’t quite up to the level of the men’s match, it worked for me because of the ongoing storyline with Indi plus the action. I can do without Indi’s promo she cut in the dressing room of Toxic Attraction afterwards, but before that? She was gold.


Here comes a new (daily) challenger…

Pretty Deadly, with nothing to do and no one to fight, read us a Christmas story this week. They laid the innuendo rather thick, especially with lines like “bulging pockets,” while being their typical smarmy selves.

Okay, I’ll bury the party here: The New Day showed up. They found Pretty Deadly beating everyone else so why not challenge them for the tag titles at NXT countdown? A “fight” started and I use quotes because Pretty Deadly barely fought, and Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston posed with the title champs.

This is now my most anticipated match of the show. Will WWE really allow one of its biggest and best tag teams to take an L? Or will the new day take their talents to Florida?

West side!

Phew, Xyon Quinn’s ballad is a sad one. Quinn wrestled the returning Tony D’Angelo this week, taking an L faster than you can say “fugetaboutit.” The Don had other things on his mind, as did Wes Lee. The Don wants revenge for what he believes was Wes deliberately putting him on the shelf. Wes said whatever to that noise, because Dijak is his business now.

Dijak appeared on the big screen, essentially calling Tony D a thug not worth his time, and telling Wes Lee to keep a low profile or else. Which is weird because he Wes attacked. “None of you can stop me from decimating NXT.” Yeah, that sounds good and all, homie, but don’t you want a championship because you attacked a champion? I know Tony D does, but Dijak seems apathetic. I am confused.

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Not ready for Primetime players

Ivy Nyle worries her boys are in over their heads. The Creed Brothers want to fight Sanga & Veer, but she knows they are not physically ready. NXT Medical will not release Julius Creed due to rib injuries, and the Bros. Creed disagree. In fact, they are at odds with Ivy because of it. Why am I mentioning this? Because Veer & Sanga destroyed a man with an incredible wrestling name, Bryson Montana, took the mic and told the Creeds that they have no problem waiting, but they don’t make them wait too long.

Of course the Diamond Mine hit the ring because someone called their name and security stopped them.

OH! How can I forget Big Body fronting Javy as if he wanted to be static with Veer & Sanga, only to “twist his ankle” on his way to the ring. Hilarious.

I’m digging the anticipation for this one, along with Ivy playing protector.

Time-out. I’m being mean if I don’t include Bryson’s tweet after his assault:

Give that man a push.

Poor Hank

Everyone loves Hank Walker. The guard became a wrestler who fights in jeans and a shirt he put on because it was laundry day and took the Performance Center by storm. Well, almost everyone loves him. Charlie Dempsey believes Hank’s presence is a disrespect for wrestling. Hank disagrees. While he didn’t start this dream at age 4, he cares just as much about someone who did. Dempsey said “no” to all that noise and the two locked themselves in the ring.

The match went as it should, with Walker having a fit, but Dempsey basically dissecting the big man. Walker won by submission as Drew Gulak watched. Is Drew coming to NXT or is he just scouting?

Meh matches, but the Drew Gulak wrinkle interests me.

Are you ready?

Isla Dawn wants Alba Fyre, but she took the time to play with her Ouija board to wrestle Thea Hail. Not everyone from Chase U agreed that Thea should win the match, especially Duke Hudson. He expressed his opinion that Thea is not ready for Isla. Guess what? He was right. Thea was a little offended, but this was always Isla. Duke watched with the biggest “I told you so” look in the history of our sport.

But remember when I said Isla wanted Alba? Alba showed up after the game and granted her wish. The two fought, referees separated them and Isla spat her poison mist in the unsuspecting referee’s face. Poor guy.

Next week…

Lyra Valkaria. I thought you should know.

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Power versus speed

Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, Briggs and Jensen got into a fight last weekend. As seen on Sol Ruca’s TikTok, Briggs & Jensen tried to comfort their friends, but Enofe & Blade were not in the mood. So yes, a fight broke out.

This match didn’t feel right to me, maybe because there was a lot going on that distracted from the action in the ring. We have Kiana James’ assistant putting something in Jensen’s jacket, we have Von Wagner coming out and attacking Odyssey Jones (who accompanied Enofe & Blade), and both teams playing the “I’m distracted” card at different times . Briggs & Jensen got the W because they were apparently slightly more distracted than their opponents. I’m not sure if both teams benefited from this, although Malik Blade looks much better without his father’s jersey. No diss to his dad or those fashion choices, so to speak.

BUT, and this is a big but, Kiana invited Jensen deadline. Which means she’s undoubtedly using him to upset Fallon. Jensen isn’t smart enough to see that, so of course he goes.

Grayson Waller’s effect

The five participants of the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge met at the Grayson Waller Effect. And honestly? Talking bored me. Melo said what Melo says, JD talked about lactic acid and the physical issues his opponents faced, Joe Gacy did the creepy cult leader thing, Axiom was serious and everyone made fun of him for it, and Grayson was quintessentially Grayson. the a standout moment for me was when JD Melo said that he has been “protected” in NXT since day 1, walks around this place “like a kid in a petting zoo”, but he is “in the lion’s den” at Countdown. That was pretty damn dope got a big reaction from my bank and the public. In the end we got what we all wanted, a fight, and the show ended.

If it’s me, I’ll end the show with the triple threat to women, but hey, I’m not Shawn Michaels.

Thunder in paradise

Source Breakker appeared at the Apollo Crews dinner last week. This week? Apollo appeared on Bron’s boat. They fished, Bron gave Apollo props for the standing moonsault, and Apollo gave Bron props for stealing that standing moonsault. They kept it cozy, but the tension felt more palpable on that boat this week than in the cozy eatery. To be worth watching for their match.

This week went at a much better pace than last week. We’ve got a really great match, a great surprise with New Day popping up, some solid matches, and even some weird stuff thrown in for good measure. Everything built to countdown, what on paper looks like a very fun Saturday night.

Grade: B+

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.

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