My Hero Academia x Fortnite collab is finally out as Twitter reacts with excitement

My Hero Academia skins are finally available on Fortnite and Twitter users can’t contain their excitement as they witness the collaboration.

It has been a very busy year for the My Hero Academia series. The final arc is currently underway in the manga as the anime undergoes its sixth season. Just before 2022 comes to an end, My Hero Academia decided to follow in his footsteps Dragon Ball and Naruto.

The series became the latest popular anime to cross Fortnite, a cultural phenomenon in the gaming world. Epic Games released the said cooperation today, on December 16. This excited netizens around the world as they used Twitter to express their views.

My Hero Academia stuff in it Fortnite is a bit insane” – Twitter reacts positively when the collaboration is finally done

More details about the collaboration

Continue! PlusUltra! Four mighty heroes from the world of My Hero Academia have arrived with exciting new gameplay, free in-game rewards, a Hero Training Gym experience and

My Hero Academia officially entered Fortnite on December 16, which would be really hard to miss if someone just typed the series into the Twitter search bar.

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Fortnite players will receive numerous rewards for this ongoing event, including cosmetic items featuring the most popular characters:

  • Izuku Midoriya, better known as Deku
  • Toshinori Yagi, better known as All power
  • Katsuki Bakugo
  • Ochako Uraraka

Each of these hero costumes has its own uniqueness harvesting toolslike Deku using a Blackwhip Axe. Fortnite players can also complete specific missions to earn more cosmetic items. Players must complete them as soon as possible, as the event will not last forever.

hgnn, two weeks X my hero academia crossover, am too weak to resist

Of course, some Twitter users have taken advantage of these features while playing Fortnite. They saw Deku and Bakugo hugging each other, which is quite a heartwarming scene considering their history together, especially since Bakugo isn’t the clingy type.

Twitter users had fun with the Fortnite skins

The fan frenzy was bound to happen the minute the collab dropped this morning. Many players have been waiting for this since it was first announced. Here’s a look at Twitter users who clearly had a lot of fun with the event today.

The My Hero Academia thing in Fortnite is kind of insane.

We live in a time where Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Naruto and Marvel are being put into the same game as Fortnite collaborations. That’s incredible

Fortnite is more than just one battle royale game. At the end of the day, players from completely different fandoms will come together for these special events. Crossovers between popular brands tend to be popular on Twitter. Judging by the above social media reactions, that is exactly the case here.


Twitter users could barely contain their excitement over this crossover event. Fans live on a timeline where Fortnite mixes media genres together, be it from comic books or serialized manga. The most important, My Hero Academia is popular enough to stand next to Dragon Ball and Naruto.

YouTube cover

It’s not everyday that All Might dominates a multiplayer game with the One For All Quirk. Not only is he the number one hero in Japan, he is also number one in royal victories. The character really lives up to his reputation Fortnite. The same goes for the rest of the cast in this collaboration.

Fortnite and My Hero Academia are aimed at a younger audience. It’s no surprise that so many Twitter users were jumping for joy when the costumes were finally available. They can now play their favorite game while cosplaying as their favorite anime characters.

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