Meet Lotta Volkova – The alleged brains behind the controversial Balenciaga shoot

The luxury brand Balenciaga has a lot to endure criticism due to the disturbing depiction of children in the Spring/Summer 2023 collection. The brand recently published photos of two prepubescent girls wearing bondage gear, which reminds people of ‘BDSM’. The children were shown posing with teddy bears, who were dressed in fishnet tops, leather harnesses and collars with locks. Reportedly, one of the disturbing images also included documents from a child abuse case.

The photographer who took the photos gets all the rights heat from the audience, but the real mastermind behind the shoot is someone else. According to a Twitter user using curioslight, the person behind the shoot is Lotta Volkova, who has been a stylist at Balenciaga since 2014. Gabriele Galimberti, the photographer who photographed the collection, claimed in his statement that he was targeted despite having no creative control over the project.

Galimberti said: “I must emphasize that I had no right in any way to choose the products or the models. As a photographer, I was only asked to light the given scene and take the pictures according to my signature style. He called the public reaction a form of “lynching” and claimed he was accused of being a pedophile on his social media accounts.

Galimberti categorically denied being part of the controversial shoot, and he credited an American photographer, Chris Maggio, as the man behind that shoot.

Speaking of Chris, Curioslight said they came across a photo shoot where the girl resembled the one in Balenciaga’s shoot. It was initially thought to be the same child model, but it later transpired that the similarity was due to the similar style. The shoot was done for a magazine called Doubleand Lotta Volkova did the styling.

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This is when the can of worms full of controversial and problematic social media posts in the not-so-hidden world of the fashion industry was opened. Going through the stylist’s now private account, the Twitter user discovered that Volkova has been posting a lot about kids. She has worked extensively with brands such as Vogue, Adidas, Balenciaga, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and many others.

Curioslight highlighted how Volkova tagged Gosha Rubchinskiy in one of her posts with a scene from the horror movie The Shining.

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a fashion designer who came into disrepute in 2019 after his inappropriate conversations with an underage boy surfaced that year.

curioslight mentioned that Lotta’s 2015 posts had visibly young boys. “She, like Gosha, has an interest in really young looking guys, it’s really hard to guess their ages, some of them I would say look no older than 13. I could be wrong, but look at her insta and campaigns,” said the tweeter.

In addition, it was revealed how Lotta “liked” the pictures of children in need, slavery and similar images.

Some posts were even liked and commented on by American fashion designer Marc Jacobs. On one of the 2019 posts, which featured a little girl with fake blonde hair smiling, Jacobs said, “So good.” The Twitter user said, “I found this one below incredibly disturbing, and look who’s commenting on the girl lying down. Marc Jacobs himself. This rabbit hole I went down took me from a #BalenciagaGate to #FashionGate. Jacobs is a very popular name in the fashion industry.

The Twitter user also highlighted Lotta’s obsession with teddy bears. In one of the screenshots, the teddy bear was in a “compromised” position.

In another post from 2015, the teddy bear was enslaved, and that post had a comment from Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Furthermore, the user shared screenshots of Volkova’s Instagram account that revolves around BDSM in the tweets. Her obsession with BDSM was also evident in her work, even for high-profile brands like Chanel.

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In the following tweet, Curioslight highlighted that in 2018 she posted an image with the hashtag Moloch, an ancient pagan god, and that people used to sacrifice children to please him.

Interestingly, another user using the Xx17965797N handle pointed out that Balenciaga also allegedly sells fake babies covered in blood.

Another user pointed out that the video was from a Balenciaga fashion show.

Curioslight also highlighted that Volkova teamed up with Terry Richardson in 2015. Richardson has been accused of sexual misconduct by several young models. He was also accused of being a pedophile, which he had categorically denied on several occasions.

It is clear that the alleged rot in the fashion industry is not limited to a few high-end brands, and that a more thorough clean-up is needed to ensure the safety of children.

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