How to use Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus, released in September 2016, was the franchise’s first official Automatic Catcher. It quickly gained popularity after being designed as a small wearable gadget that could be strapped to the wrist like a bracelet. The idea of ​​automatically using a gadget to perform most of the tedious in-game tasks that required attention captivated the GO community.

This device can catch a Pokemon for you and even warn you when a PokeStop is nearby. The device is a useful option for players who cannot always use their primary device. Many players who invest in gaming related gadgets may want to know more about how to use the product before buying it. Below you will find all the information you need while using the Pokemon GO Plus device.

How to use the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet effectively?

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The Pokemon GO Plus bracelet greatly reduces the need to use your smartphone repeatedly. Whenever you encounter a Pocket Monster, it will vibrate and the indicator will glow a green light, but if the Pokemon is a creature you encountered for the first time, it will illuminate a yellow light instead.

You don’t have to open your game to catch the monster; you have to press the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet button to catch it automatically. The bracelet will spontaneously throw a Poke Ball at it, but will flash a red light if you don’t have one in your inventory. When the Pokemon runs away, the gadget will flash a red light three times.

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Another key feature of the bracelet is the ability to access PokeStop. When you find a PokeStop, the bracelet will vibrate and glow blue. By pressing the bracelet button you can open and collect PokeStop items. When the items have been collected successfully, the GO Plus indicator lights up in seven different colors. All collected items and captured Pokemon can be viewed later in the Pokemon Go Activity Log tab.

Steps to connect the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet

  • Open the Pokemon GO game app
  • Go to Map View and click the Main Menu button
  • Navigate to the top right corner of the tab and click Settings
  • Click on the Pokemon GO Plus section
  • Press the function button to make the GO Plus bracelet discoverable

The item is designed to provide a hands-off experience and more accessible gameplay. Even if the players turn off the primary device’s screen, things like walking distance, hatching eggs, or using buddy Pokemon to get Candy are all possible through this gadget.

All Pokemon GO Plus Indicator Lights and Vibration Key Meanings

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When you encounter a Pocket Monster, the bracelet’s indicator will flash green and the device will vibrate. If you come across a Pokemon you haven’t caught yet, the bracelet will vibrate and the indicator will flash yellow. To catch the Pokemon, press the bracelet’s function button.

When you are within PokeStop range, the bracelet will vibrate and the indicator will flash blue. You can search PokeStop for available items by pressing the function button on the bracelet. When all items are received, the indicator light will flash multicolored and vibrate.

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While the captured Pokemon struggles within the Poke Ball, the device will flash white and vibrate. The pocket monster stays inside or escapes the Poke Ball. If your item storage is full and you can no longer add items from PokeStop, it will also blink white and vibrate.

After a successful visit to a PokeStop or catching a pocket monster, the bracelet’s indicator vibrates and flashes multiple colors. It will vibrate and emit a red light after attempting to capture a creature, but will emit three red lights if the monster escapes.

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When the GO Plus bracelet is paired with a device but not connected, it flashes a blue light but does not vibrate. If the bracelet is not paired with the device, a white light will flash without vibration. The GO Plus bracelet will vibrate after pressing the function button when paired and connected to the primary device.

The bracelet’s indicator will illuminate with a red light to signal problems. Whether your Inventory storage is full, you run out of Poke Balls or you have moved out of the PokeStop range.

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