How to play on Junkertown map in Overwatch 2

Junkertown, inspired by the crazy max series’ Bartertown, is one of the most popular maps in Overwatch 2’s Escort game mode. Junkers and the Junker Queen can be found on this map.

Junkertown is an Escort map set in Australia’s rugged and unforgiving Outback. Built on the ruins of a destroyed omnium, it is now home to the Junkers, a band of lawless scavengers led by their ruthless queen.

When they’re not looting the skeleton of the omnium for valuables, the Junkers are blowing off steam in the Scrapyard, a vast gladiatorial arena where warriors fight for glory, wealth and survival.

General tips for Junkertown in Overwatch 2

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Flank around the last checkpoint

Due to the narrow loading path and the defending team’s high ground advantage, the last part of Junkertown can be a tough bottleneck to push through in Overwatch 2.

To make this section easier, first flank and direct critical enemy targets through the route below the rotating platform and past the side chambers leading to the high ground.

Take advantage of the long sightlines of the map

Junkertown has many high vantage points and long sightlines, especially in the first two sections. These features make the sections ideal for stalking heroes such as Ashe, Widowmaker and Hansowhich can use the terrain to land headshots on critical enemy targets.

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Use narrow streets to your advantage

The second and third sections of Junkertown also have many narrow corridors, which teams must adapt to by changing their composition.

It is recommended to switch to Heroes like Junkrat, Reaper and Hanzo in these sections as they excel at holding and fighting in narrow paths and choke points.

Most effective hero composition for Junkertown in Overwatch 2

Junker Queen

Junker Queen leads her team forward and uses Jagged Blade to pull key enemy targets towards her in Overwatch 2. She then uses Scattergun and Carnage to destroy them at close range. Her Commanding Shout serves as a versatile buff, increasing her team’s mobility and providing a significant temporary health boost.

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Junker Queen can inflict wounds and prevent enemies from healing with Rampage. This way she can deal with hordes of enemies that have gathered around the cargo and along the narrow streets of the map.


Genji uses Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike to quickly maneuver through flanking routes and dispatch snipers and other critical enemy targets in Overwatch 2. Deflect also allows him to safely close the gap in open lines of sight from snipers.

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Genji’s Dragonblade and Swift Strike can slice through multiple enemies quickly in team battles around the cargo and in the tight streets of Junkertown.


Residence is an effective damage dealer who can quickly dispatch enemies at close range. She can effectively deal with snipers using her versatile Railgun, especially when empowered by her ultimate Overclock.

Her Power Slide is also an effective tool for horizontal and vertical mobility, allowing her to quickly move from cover to cover and reach the high ground of Junkertown.

Disruptor Shot grants her heavy area-based damage that also traps enemies, allowing her to control space and deal with enemies in the choke points of the map.


With Speed ​​Boost and Amp It Up, Lucio increases his team’s mobility, allowing them to secure the payload and close the gap to critical enemy targets faster. He can also use Wall Ride to blast through the streets of Junkertown, disrupt enemies on high ground, and quickly reach teammates in distress.

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Lucio provides plenty of healing and survivability via Healing Boost and Sound Barrier, as well as effective space control via Soundwave.


Kiriko‘s Swift Step gives her the ability to slice through Junkertown’s crowded terrain and catch up with her mobile teammates. This allows her to consistently support them with Healing Ofuda and Kunai in Overwatch 2.

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Protection Suzu is useful for clearing debuffs and protecting teammates from heavy firepower along the tight corridors of the map.

Meanwhile, Kitsune Rush increases her team’s attack power by increasing movement speed, attack speed, and reducing cooldowns.

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