How to play on Eichenwalde map in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, Eichenwalde is a famous city with a fascinating history. The map is available in the Hybrid mode and is mainly set in three areas: The Town, The Castle Grounds, and The Castle Interior.

Eichenwalde Town is known for one of the most famous battles of the Omnic Crisis. Balderich von Adler (the leader of the Crusaders) and some of his best warriors took a final stand here against an approaching army of automatons. They were eventually killed in the ensuing battle for being outnumbered and outgunned. However, the German force was able to repulse the Omnic attack and was victorious due to their heroic efforts.

To retrieve Balderich’s remains from their burial site on this map, the attacking team must take over the battering ram and escort it to Eichenwalde Castle, while the other team tries to prevent the keep from being breached.

The three different locations differ in their own way, so teams must select heroes accordingly, as the environment is not favorable for every hero.

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Everything a player needs to know about Eichenwalde in Overwatch 2

Eichenwalde is a historic town Overlook 2. Players should spend some time getting to know the different paths and understanding the positions from which they can be attacked. The map also offers 19 healing packs that players must remember the locations and use to their advantage.

The edges of the map and the bridge leading to the castle doors are both full of traps. Players can use heroes capable of pushing, such as Lucio, Orisa, Reinhardt, and Pharah, to make use of these environmental hazards.

The map is known for its many narrow and tight passages and the attacking team may find it difficult to penetrate as Eichenwalde offers excellent defensive high terrain with tight corners. Players must use highly mobile characters such as Genji, Sombra, and Winston to quickly navigate flanking routes and close the distance to vital enemy targets in order to get past them.

Hanso and Widowmaker are exceptionally powerful picks that all teams should consider when defending on Overwatch 2’s Eichenwalde map. Sonic Arrow and Infra-Sight, which provide the team with crucial information about the opponent’s movement across the limited terrain of the game, offer great advantages here. Hanzo’s Ultimate – Dragonstrike is also very effective on Eichenwalde, as it can quickly eliminate groups of enemies that take cover behind the payload while covering the small passages on the map.

Best Overlook 2 team compositions in Eichenwalde

Winstone + Genji + Soldier 76 + Lucio + Ana

Best Offensive Hero Composition in Eichenwalde (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Best Offensive Hero Composition in Eichenwalde (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)

The aforementioned composition is the best to attack in Overwatch 2 with excellent mobility, and players will have the ability to flank enemies and use tight angles to their advantage.

With the Jump package Winston quickly navigates around Eichenwalde and closes the gap with necessary enemy targets and friendlies when necessary. A powerful combination of his Tesla Cannon and Barrier Projector also allows Winston to control the battlefield and provide cover for his enemies as they gradually wear them down.

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Using Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike, Genji speeds quickly through flanking paths to take out snipers and other key enemy targets. He can safely reduce the space in open lines of sight for snipers by using deflection.

When participating in team battles around targets and in the cramped tunnels of Overwatch 2’s Eichenwalde, Ana can support the team by healing ranged allies. She can even help the team offensively with her sleeping dirt and biotic grenades.

Soldier 76 is another good choice for this card. His Sprint ability helps him change position quickly and get around the map. He plays on the front line with his Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets.

Lucio helps the team with extra speed, and his Soundwave is useful for dropping enemies. His healing is especially important while pushing through the defending team.

Reinhardt + Sojourn + Hanzo + Baptiste + Brigitte

Best Defensive Hero Composition in Eichenwalde (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Best Defensive Hero Composition in Eichenwalde (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)

This composition is the best in the defensive area in Overwatch 2. It has heroes who are excellent at knocking down enemies and taking perfect defensive positions. The group performs best in restricted passages and high vantage points that play to its strengths.

Reinhardt is best in close areas as he is a melee based tank and can use Barrier Field to help teammates do damage control. He can attack multiple enemies with his Fire Strikes, which blend well with the level’s topography. He can also force opponents off the map with his Charges.

Residence can be in the frontline as her Disruptor Shot and Railgun are effective at blocking choke points and extended lines of sight. She can also move herself instantly with her Power Slide ability.

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Hanzo in Overwatch 2 is an excellent target for the opponent. He can use his Storm Bow to fire deadly shots to the head and his Sonic Arrow to reveal the whereabouts of the opponent by positioning himself at one of several vantage points on the map.

Baptiste is excellent on defense as his team’s location is enhanced by the immortality field and reinforcement matrix, increasing their ability to heal and deal damage. He is also capable of area-based healing with his Biotic Launcher and Regenerative Burst.

Brigitte can support Reinhardt and Sojourn with Shield Bash and Whip Shot, which have excellent defense capabilities against dive teams. On the other hand, Rocket Flail and Inspire can help them in fighting against enemies.

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