How her hypocrisy contributed to her undoing

In a recent interview with the Times of India, Bollywood entertainer Swara Bhasker commented that “standing up” for people and values ​​has seriously cost her her career and that she sometimes even struggles to pay her EMIs on time. This interview followed after Swara participated in the Bharat Jodo Yatra with Rahul Gandhi.

In the podcast with journalist and author Harinder Baweja, Swara stated that public and political culture has deteriorated in recent times and street violence has normalized in recent times.

Swara Bhasker also admired Rahul Gandhi when asked about her participation in the Bharat Jodo Yatra. She said she admires Rahul Gandhi since 2018 and that he speaks for people and not “thrill”. She said she joined the Bharat Jodo Yatra to show solidarity with the movement.

Rahul Gandhi is a ‘determined politician’

When the interviewer asked if Rahul Gandhi was a reluctant politician and was in politics because of his predetermined sir name, Swara Bhasker replied ‘No’, explaining that it’s all propaganda around his name in politics. Bhasker stated that she believes Rahul Gandhi is transforming the country’s political culture. She stated that Rahul Gandhi is a “determined politician who doesn’t fit the narrative.”

Apparently, Swara Bhasker went full fangirl mode for Rahul Gandhi and said more politicians who look like Rahul Gandhi are needed. While further praising Gandhi and glossing over the failure of the Bharat Jodo Yatra to make up for the elections in Gujarat, Swara defended that Rahul Gandhi was distancing his movement from elections as he wanted to champion overall transformation.

‘I am a skilled actor’

When asked if she is seen as a troublemaker, Swara Bhasker said she is often confronted with such comments. She said that she is a far “competent actor”, but does not come across such meritorious opportunities. Swara Bhasker cleverly skipped the mentions of her recent flops stating that she has given many blockbuster movies and web series but fails to get more work because of her “openness in her acquittal.”

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“I am a much better actor and a much more competent and effective actor than the opportunities that come my way. I have a much better track record in terms of my career. I’ve been part of six or seven blockbuster movies and like a lot of web series shows, I’ve helmed them. I have never had such bad reviews. There should be no reason for me to feel like I’m not getting enough work, but clearly I’m not,” she said. said.

Born in ‘other India’

Swara Bhaskar recalled how a brand endorsement of hers was canceled when the brand stated that she had brought the brand into disrepute by participating in the protests, which were sometimes violent and set fire to the CAA-NRC discourse.

Swara Bhasker stated that she was born in a different India as she was not trained to be a bigot as a child, implying that all children currently born receive professional training in bigotry.

Again Swara took up her rant about Hindutva and stated that she finds the ‘right-wing’ discourse so misogynistic and sexist. Swara Bhasker, well known for her anti-Hindu and anti-Modi comments in the recent past, finally invoked the element of ‘Muslim persecution’ in her answers to a question. She praised herself for speaking out for “Muslim solidarity” by telling a story where she received praise from a Muslim in the past.

Though Bhasker felt herself to be a capable performer, recent films she appeared in were not favorably received by audiences. Her movie “Jahan Chaar Yaar”, which was released on September 16, 2022, refueled At the register. The movie’s trailer was so bad that it was practically forgotten after its release on August 22, 2022.

Swara Bhasker’s virtue signals with bad professional choices the cause of her downfall

While Bhasker outlined how public and political culture in India was deteriorating and added that street violence had become the new norm, she did not address how Islamists ranted and indulged in violence, vandalism and arson. It is worth noting that Bhasker, who tries to project moral superiority by expressing his concern about India’s violence-ravaged streets, had supported Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair, who painted a target behind former BJP leader Nupur Sharma, urging Islamists around the world to launch “Sar Tan Se Juda” protests against the beleaguered leader.

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Bhasker later supported Zubair after Sharma filed a complaint against the Alt News co-founder for sharing an edited version of her clip that led to Islamists threatening her and her family. Instead of showing solidarity with Sharma, Bhasker tried to assuage her concerns and rationalize a ludicrous statement by Pratik Sinha, another Alt News co-founder with a history of spreading fake news.

Instead of detaining Islamists and violent protesters who took to the streets under the pretext of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad, a concept foreign to India and characteristic of Islamic regimes in the Middle East, where the Muslim majority often excuse of blasphemy to settle accounts with minorities and whip up a communal frenzy against them.

Bhasker also denounced Nupur Sharma on Twitter, indirectly giving free pass to those who took to the streets against the former BJP leader for her comments about the Prophet Muhammad that were distilled from authentic Islamic hadiths. While slamming Sharma on the microblogging platform, Bhasker also took the opportunity to needlessly politicize the issue and attack Navika Kumar and Times Now for providing their platform to the former BJP leader.

While Bhasker went hammer and tongs to criticize Nupur Sharma and side with Mohammed Zubair, she carefully avoided making critical remarks against the Alt News co-founder who had been arrested for his past Hindu-phobic social media posts. Instead of berating Zubair for his derogatory posts against Hindu gods and goddesses, ironically the same charge he accused Nupur Sharma of, Bhasker projected Zubair’s arrest as a “shameful witch hunt” and demanded his release.

Weeks later, when Zubair was released on bail, Bhasker praised the Supreme Court for its decision.

The blatant hypocrisy in the above case highlights Bhasker’s virtue signaling and her utter disregard for her morals and ideals, which she selectively leans on for matters consistent with her political ideology.

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Bhasker also recently supported actor Richa Chadha after she received a heavy backlash on Twitter for her baseless comments mocking the Indian braveheart’s greatest sacrifice during the Galwan clashes.

Bhasker’s unsolicited support for Chadha backfired when social media users denounced the actor for supporting a person who made a funny comment about the Indian army and undermined his ability to catch PoK.

Such hypocritical and anti-Indian views contributed to Swara Bhasker’s declining popularity among the masses, who saw her as a hypocrite who lectured the country on morality and ethics, while she herself did not follow them. Her alignment with anti-Indian forces has also played a role in reducing her professional opportunities.

Most of all, however, Bhasker has fallen out of favor with the movie producers because of her own poor professional choices. She was part of movies that lacked a cohesive story, gripping screenplay, or entertaining masala that would draw people to the theaters. Producers don’t want to throw their money at someone who is bad at their primary skill and then have the audacity to pontificate against others on matters of socio-political importance, only to expose their own hypocrisy.

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