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You are tired. You’re tired of playing drama queen. You’re tired of talking about what doesn’t work out while eating and drinking. So you commit to making that internal shift, working with the law of attraction *and* adopting the mantra “fake it!” The universe works in mysterious ways, Archer. So carefully compose your dominant thoughts. We understand it, Cancer. Your heart has been broken one too many times. You can shut down because of the pain or believe in the impossible and go there one step at a time. The full moon inside Twin holds space for you to feel all there is to feel, to release the old story with love, gratitude and grace as you make room for the manifestation of your deepest desires. Lion, this is your reminder to be direct. To be honest. Communicate what you need, what you want, without fear of how you will be seen by the other person. Oh, and if you’re worried about being *too much*, be too much! The world will just have to make peace with it.

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