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But not every day is for breakthroughs and divine realizations, Scorpion. In the rush of everyday things, as contextualized by the *busy culture*, we tend to forget the importance of rest. Heard at the cosmic conference: slow living is the way to go. Sit still, Scale. Breathe and connect with that which is motionless within. The answers you seek are on their way to you. You will find them in a way that can best be described as unexpected. Everything new starts with an idea, Cancer. For you, the birthplace of these ideas has always been the heart, not the mind. Today the cards remind you that it is time to return to your heart as the soft decision maker. If you feel like you’re not ready to really start something new, that’s okay too. Just be open to receiving the divine inspiration sent your way. There will be plenty of time for action later. For some, love and romance may be in the air. Remember, Cupid can only do so much.

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