GTA San Andreas girlfriends ranked according to their bonuses

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the first GTA games to introduce a full-fledged dating minigame for players to participate in. This means that not only can players find girlfriends in the title, but they can also go on dates with them, give them gifts, and even get various bonus rewards in turn.

However, this dating feature is not as easy as it seems as almost all the girlfriends present in the game have their specific preferences which are important to consider if players are to successfully get all the rewards.

So to make this process a bit easier, this article will rank all potential girlfriends in GTA San Andreas according to their rewards.

Note: This article reflects the author’s subjective opinion.

Here are 6 girlfriends in GTA San Andreas ranked by their rewards

6) Dennis Robinson

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She is the first character to CJ can date in gta san andreas and possibly make her his female friend. Therefore, most of her requirements and preferences are quite simple. So players don’t have to do too many things to impress her.

Unfortunately, this also means that her rewards wouldn’t be as useful as some of the other potential girlfriends in the game. So once players make Denise CJ’s girlfriend, all they get is a pimp suit and keys to her dark green Hustler.

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5) Millie Perkins

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CJ can date her after the player is completed Palace of Caligula mission. Therefore, she and Denise are the only two potential girlfriends introduced in a story mission.

In any case, when it comes to rewards, Millie does not give players impressive bonuses. The only notable thing has got to be the gimp suit, a costume CJ can wear.

So it is recommended to date her if players only want that costume. Apart from this reward, there is only her pink club that players will get. So the rewards are not very special.

4) Michelle Cannes

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Michelle is a mechanic. So if CJ can make her his girlfriend, he’ll get access to her auto repair shop and use it to fix and repaint all of his cars for free.

This means that when players need to fix their vehicle and don’t want to spend any money, they can just visit Michelle’s Auto Repair Shop, which makes dating her very convenient for anyone who enjoys racing in GTA San Andreas.

Furthermore, Michelle CJ also gives the keys to her monster truck and gifts him a racing suit. That’s why Michelle is the perfect girl to date for car lovers.

3) Barbara Schernvart

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Barbara is a potential girlfriend for CJ in GTA San Andreas. Surprisingly, she is a police officer. So, successfully dating her will give players the opportunity not to lose their guns and body armor if caught.

This is a great reward because it means that if players don’t want to die in a dangerous situation, getting arrested becomes a great alternative.

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In addition, CJ gains access to her Ranger and a police uniform is transported to his cloakroom. Players can also play a role as a police officer very effectively when dating Barbara.

2) Helena Wankstein

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Although Helena is a lawyer, she has a great passion for guns. So if players manage to successfully date her, they will gain access to her tool shed.

There CJ is given a chainsaw, a flamethrower, a pistol and some Molotov cocktails. So any GTA player who wants to take down enemies easily and cause mayhem in San Andreas should go ahead and date Helena. You can also get keys from her Sadler and Bandito, along with some country clothes.

1) Katie Zhan

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Katie works as a nurse in an ER and is also a little too obsessed with death and accidental deaths. However, her fascination with all things medical is a huge asset to the players. If someone makes her CJ’s girlfriend, they can get free health care.

CJ will be able to leave the hospital without spending any money. This reward has got to be the most useful bonus players can get from this girlfriend feature as it allows you to take greater risks without fear of the consequences.

With Katie as CJ’s girlfriend in GTA San Andreas, players can relax and focus on the actual gameplay without constantly worrying about dying. In addition, her Romero car and a new doctor’s uniform will also be unlocked.

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