Gibraltar map in Overwatch 2

One of Overwatch 2’s main bases of operations is Watchpoint: Gibraltar, which leads players along a cliff as they drive the payload through an open outlying area before going deeper into the base’s locked facilities. This map is ideal for exciting Escort matches, as it offers a variety of vantage points and attack options for both teams.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar quickly became one of the most recognizable maps in Overwatch due to its many unique parts, each requiring a very diverse response from both the offensive and defensive teams. The key to winning here is often a very flexible approach to team building as each match develops.

General tips for Watchpoint: Gibraltar in Overwatch 2

Use all doors from the first attack

In Gibraltar, keep in mind that there are three spawn doors from which players can exit based on their job and the other side’s team composition. For example, it is preferable that snipers launch their attack from the top spawn door and that flankers sneak past their opponents from the cliff spawn door instead of everyone in the squad going through the main spawn door.

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Use the top of the space shuttle

Most heroes can climb to the top of the space shuttle in the middle of the second part of Gibraltar and use it as a vantage point to attack and defend the second checkpoint. This special high ground works best in conjunction with Heroes that have significant hit scans, such as Soldier: 76 and Widowmaker, as well as Heroes that have excellent vertical mobility, such as Pharah and Echo.

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Play in the open areas of the map

Please note teams should always structure their team composition around these terrain features as Gibraltar has wide open spaces and high vantage points in all its parts.

Attacking teams should pay special attention to heroes like Genji and Winston, who can move quickly and avoid sight lines and wide spaces. Defense teams, on the other hand, should prioritize heroes like Ashe and Ana, who can take advantage of the vantage points and expanded sightlines on the map in Overwatch 2.

Most Effective Heroes for Watchpoint: Gibraltar in Overwatch 2


With the help of his Jump Pack and Tesla Cannon, Winston Quickly close range of key enemy targets on Gibraltar’s elevated observation points. Another excellent defense technique is the Barrier Projector, which serves as protection against snipers’ lines of sight and controls space while securing the payload.

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Winston’s mobility and disruption on the map has been greatly improved by Primal Rage thanks to its strong melee knockback and shorter Jump Pack cooldown.


With the help of Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike, Genji can quickly traverse Gibraltar’s flanking trails and arrive at strategic locations to take out snipers and other key enemy targets. He can safely close the room in open sniper sightlines by using deflection.

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Genji can easily dispatch numerous opponents with Dragonblade and Swift Strike when involved in team fights near the payload and past the map’s choke points.


Sojourn’s Railgun in Overwatch 2 is effective against both enemy snipers and close range fighters, especially when equipped with her Overclock ultimate. The high damage area of ​​her Disruptor Shot makes it a fantastic tool for area negation and breaking barriers.

Power Slide is another effective mobility aid she owns, which allows her to cross lines of sight and reach lookout locations in a single move.


With Gibraltar’s extensive sightlines and elevated vantage points, Ana‘s Biotic Rifle excels at healing a single target and sustaining fire. The Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart, two powerful support weapons Ana also possesses, are incredibly useful in team battles involving the payload.

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Genji and Sojourn also work well with Nano Boost as it gives them more damage and durability in Overwatch 2.


With the help of Guardian Angel and the Caduceus staff, Mercy can effortlessly keep up with her mobile companions and continuously apply healing and damage-boosting buffs. When using Valkyrie, her mobility and utility increases significantly, especially as she can take advantage of Gibraltar’s generous verticality.

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Resurrect is another tool Grace gives her squad, and it has the power to end team fights and break deadlocks in Overwatch 2.

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