Finally! iPhone 15 waving goodbye to flat design in overdue change! Android to copy again?

Whether you’re thinking about picking up an iPhone 14 during the holiday season or not, iPhone 15 is leaking and rumors won’t wait!

Some of the most exciting iPhone 15 series leaks we’ve had so far point to a periscope zoom camera for at least one iPhone 15 model, Dynamic Island for all four 2023 iPhones, (finally) a new 3nm chip for the Pro models, and , of course, the one that beats all the rumor – a USB-C charging port for the entire iPhone 15 range (with faster charging and data transfer speeds for the premium models).

But now the same tipster who told us that iPhone 14 Pro would adopt a pill-shaped cutout (Dynamic Island) almost a full year before the phone was announced is back with another bold prediction, and this one is for a redesigned iPhone 15 phones that will return to . .. rounder! *confetti doll

So let’s see why the iPhone 15 might go back to the round design and why Apple’s flagships could finally switch from using aluminum and stainless steel to being made of…titanium in 2023!

iPhone 15 new round design – Apple is inspired by the iPhone 5C, iPhone X or… the Google Pixel?

Before I talk about why the iPhone 15 might be getting rounder and titanium-there, it only makes sense to take a look at what kind of round design Apple could be going for here! tipster ShrimpApplePro says he’ll look forward to more information, but he’s not exactly sure about that currency other than that “iPhone 15 will have a new bezel design — rounded on the back, not square.”

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So I just had to try and guess what Apple’s planned design might be

Of course, Cupertino is no stranger to round hardware, and the first round iPhone reference that comes to mind is the most colorful: the iPhone 5C. Indeed, Apple’s budget offering was super round, somewhat reminiscent of the base of the new MacBook Pro.

The other possibility is that Apple will go for something completely different from what the company has done before and take inspiration from Android! The phones that come to mind in particular are Google’s original Pixel and the Pixel 2.

As you can see from the photos I’ve put together the original Pixel has a very interesting take on the design as the phone’s screen is flat and the edges are also flat but where the back meets the sides we have a slope, which is rounded where the frame meets the back (so it’s more comfortable to hold), but sharpened to make a flat frame. I’m sure I didn’t describe it well, but hopefully the pictures will help.

Either way, that or the slightly more conservative (but still with a flat part of the frame) design of the Pixel 2 would actually make it possible Apple to keep its “flat” frame, but also to make the new iPhone 15 models significantly more comfortable to hold, as the back of the frame would be rounded (just as the leaks promise).

All the reasons why iPhone 15 needs to switch back to rounded design and titanium construction – it was a matter of time (and cycles)!

Now I don’t want to be that guy, but I’ve been on this iPhone redesign story for a few months now… Of course, now that the first leak about an iPhone 15 redesign is out, it’s a little easier to talk about it with some extra perspective, so let’s do that! Really, it was always expected (at least for those who follow Apple) that the iPhone would eventually switch back to a rounded design! The first reason is the way Apple’s design cycles work, especially in the recent past…

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 shared an identical design
  • iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 also looked identical
  • iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and now the iPhone 14 look essentially the same
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So looking beyond the iPhone 6S, which I’ve purposely omitted, Tim Cook & Co tend to roll on with the same design for about three years, making the rumored new titanium iPhone 15 with rounded edges all the bigger become. more chance to pan out!

That said, Cupertino’s upgrade cycles are one thing, but there are a number of other practical reasons why the iPhone 15 arrives with a new look…

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are too heavy and uncomfortable to use with one hand – time for a change

For starters, in case you haven’t noticed, recent iPhones are getting bigger and heavier! And you know what phones that keep getting bigger and heavier don’t help? Flat edges and stainless steel!

Although the industrial aesthetic of my iPhone 14 Pro and even mine iPhone 13mini help them look tough, Apple’s new iPhones are noticeably less ergonomic to hold and operate compared to my iPhone 6S and iPhone 8. I’m reminded of that every time I have to turn on my iPhone 8 to get there make sure it’s still doing well.

Speaking of weight, titanium is known to be significantly lighter than the stainless steel Apple uses for the iPhone Pro, though heavier than aluminum used in the vanilla iPhones. My suspicion here is that thanks to that the new titanium chassis would be reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra models.

I wouldn’t write off titanium on all iPhone models next year (or eventually), and that’s because to achieve the same level of durability Apple would have to use with aluminum, it would need to use only a fraction of titanium, which despite being heavier, is much more difficult!

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The repetitive design of iPhone 14 doesn’t look as fresh as it did in 2020

To the last reason why I think it’s time for a design change… My iPhone 14 Pro is just starting to look tired next to some Android phones!

It just strikes me how uninspiring the triangular camera design and muted colors of the current iPhone 14 Pro look next to the super fresh and bold look of my Google Pixel 6 Pro (Sorta Sunny) or even other Android flagships like the Oppo Find X5 Pro and its ceramic construction and seamless back, or the leather version of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, making it look like a real Leica camera. All of that goes hand in hand with the entire design cycle, but I’m already bored with the current iPhone aesthetic. It’s not just about the functional design aspect (the weight and sharp edges), but also how iPhones look!

Apple goes back to rounded iPhone design – will copy Android like it did when iPhone 12 went flat?

I want to close by reminding everyone how quickly Android phone makers (with a few exceptions) adopted the flat edge design of the iPhone 12 when it debuted in 2020… Of course it’s not surprising that this happened, but it certainly didn’t make me happy.

Not that I care which company copies what – as long as it’s for the better, it doesn’t matter! It’s just that a less comfortable design wasn’t exactly something Android was meant to take over from the iPhone (especially alongside other great hardware aspects like MagSafe and a warning slider). Although I get the fashion statement.

Ironically, this is why I’m hoping now Samsung, Xiaomi, MotorolaOppo, Vivo, etc., will take another page of Apple’s book (if it was written in the first place, of course) and go back to making more comfortable phones!

If not, Android would be stuck with what is one of the worst iPhone hardware features (in my opinion).

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