Delete these five apps now from your Android phone before your bank account is threatened

Unlike malicious apps that are dripping with malware making it harder to get listed in the Google Play Store (but sadly not impossible), malware droppers look and behave like your garden-variety apps. But when these apps notify users that an update is ready, they are actually running malware in the background that picks up your banking information and other personal information.

Banking Trojans behave like legitimate apps until you tap the Update button

in a new one blog post, Amsterdam-based computer support company Threat Fabric is warning Android users of a new banking Trojan designed to steal your login credentials, account number and other financial information that could help the attackers steal your hard-earned money. Like the Greek’s Trojan horse, which was allegedly a gift to the city of Troy to be filled with Greek soldiers, Trojan malware ambush users by appearing to be a legitimate app.

Nevertheless, the report mentions that this new banking Trojan is called Sharkbot and that a malware dropper would be an app to help users calculate their taxes in Italy. With over 10,000 installs, “Codice Fiscale” has an innocent-looking listing on the Play Store. When opened on a device, the app will check the country where the handset’s SIM card is registered. If it doesn’t match the code for Italy, no malicious behavior would happen.

If the app was opened on a phone with a SIM card registered in Italy, the app would open a fake Play Store page with a false entry for ‘Codice Fiscale’. This fake listing also revealed that an update was available for the app, something all users would probably tap on. And while some browsers may warn the user about the update, the phone owner can feel reassured by the fact that the app was installed from the Google Play Store and proceed with the update.
What really loaded onto the phone was the aforementioned banking Trojan. And if you think your personal information has been stolen from your banking app because you don’t live in Italy, think again. Another dropper app, “File Manager Small, Lite”, focuses on banking apps used in other countries such as US, UK, Austria and Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland.

Another banking Trojan, this one called Vultur, is distributed by three malware droppers that can also be found in the Play Store: “Recover Audio, Images & Videos”, “Zetter Authentication” and “My Finances Tracker”. The first listed app has over 100,000 installs. Vultur tracks all the taps and gestures of an Android user on his/her phone. Similar to Sharkbot, this trick uses a fake update to load the malware onto a handset.

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Uninstall these five apps if they are installed on your Android phone

To combat these malware droppers, we normally recommend checking the comments section for red flags. However, attackers have been known to overload the comments section with fake reviews. And after installing one of these apps for the first time, you may see a fake Google Play Store listing with fake reviews trying to get you to tap the update button. The victim accidentally causes the malware to be loaded on his own phone.

ThreatFabric says it always reports malware droppers in an effort to get them removed from app stores. But just because an app has been removed from an app store doesn’t mean it’s been removed from your phone. So if you have any of these installed on your device, remove it immediately:

  • Recover audio, images and videos – 100,000 downloads
  • Codice Fiscal 2022 – 10,000 downloads
  • Setter authentication – 10,000 downloads
  • File Manager Small, Lite – 1,000 downloads
  • My Finance Tracker – 1,000 downloads
ThreatFabric added: “Such distribution of Android banking Trojans is very dangerous because victims can remain unsuspecting for a long time and may not inform their bank of suspicious transactions made without their knowledge. So it is very important to take action to take on the part of the organization to detect such malicious apps and their payloads, as well as suspicious behavior on the customer’s device.”

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