CD Projekt RED unveils all Witcher 3 mods affected by upcoming next-gen PC update

The next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be out in a week. More than eagerly awaiting this upgrade to one of the best games of 2015. So far, CD Projekt RED has revealed a list of mods that won’t work after the update is installed due to incompatibilities.

The compatibility list for popular mods for The Witcher 3 Next-Gen update has been revealed. Here are the top 70 mods and their status once the update is out. Big ones like a weight limit of over 9000, fast travel from anywhere and no fall damage will still work! PC Modders Rejoice!

The list contains dozens of mods, just over 70. While some are compatible, many others are not. Players should consult the list and check which mods are leaving the game.

CD Projekt RED is expected to bring huge changes to the title

Relive the story loved by millions! Free next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X on December 14, 2022!

This list contains the names of the Witcher 3 mods that are compatible:

  • All quest objectives on the map
  • Over 9000 – Weight Limit mod
  • Fast travel from anywhere
  • Super Turbo Lighting Mod
  • High quality faces mod
  • Increased creature loot
  • Better Trophies mod
  • Lore Friendly Witchers Mod
  • No fall damage mod
  • No dirty lens effect mod
  • More money for traders (1.31)
  • The Gwent card dealer mod
  • Turn off storybook videos mode
  • Geralt HairWorks Colors and Styles mod
  • More XP mod
  • Lore-friendly silver swords
  • Phoenix lighting mod
  • Wiedzmin Lighting Mod
  • Galloping in cities mod
  • True Witcher Eyes – Geralt
  • Young Geralt mod
  • The Wolf Medallion mod
  • Hairworks on everything but Geralt mod
  • New Clouds mod
  • More shadows mod
  • E3DodgeSystem Mod
  • Glowing Witcher Eyes mod
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The following Witcher 3 mods will NOT work with the updatewhere possible stating the reason. CD Project RED has promised that they will have a team of modders to help players fix the incompatible mods.

  • Always Full Exp (1.31) – Script Error
  • Slots Slots SLOTS – Script error
  • Indestructible Items: No more weapon degradation mod – Script error
  • AutoLoot – AutoLoot the items you want to mod – Script error
  • Ultra Gore 2: A Dismemberment Mod – Script Error
  • BLOOD mod – No visual effects
  • Improved Sign effects mod – Script error
  • Immersive Cam mod – Script error
  • AutoLoot Configurable All-In-One (1.30-1.31) – Script Error
  • AMM: The Appearances Menu Mod – Script Error
  • Realistic weather mod
  • E3FX
  • TradeMan mod – Script error
  • Jump into shallow water mod – Script error
  • Beautiful Grass Mod V3 – Broken visual effects
  • No Witcher Sense Zoom FX plus Toggle and Range mod – Script error
  • Absolute Camera mod – Script error
  • Colored Map Markers mod – Magic related POI markers and Dangerous Place markers don’t change
  • Better Torches mod – Script error
  • KRW – 4K Reworked Women mod – No lipsync because the lip movement mod is not compatible. The models are replaced
  • Extra skill slots and mutations mod – Script error
  • FCR3 – Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks mod – Script error
  • Remove weapon and armor level restrictions mod – Script error
  • Sort All mod – No error pops up, but it also doesn’t work and options are missing
  • No time for Gwent mod – Not working and no error
  • God Mode mod – Script error
  • Weather Enhanced mod – Script error
  • Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows (and High-Quality Heads) on NPCs in Gameplay Mod – Script Error
  • Crossbow Damage Boost and Balance mod – Script error
  • Brutal Blood – Script error
  • E3 2014 VGX More Blood Mod – Script Error
  • Friendly HUD Mod – Script Error
  • Geralt Cloak mod – Script error
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For this Witcher 3 modssome elements work, others don’t:

  • TW3 Gameplay Tweaks Mod
  • Fera’s Roach and Horse Overhaul mod

Hopefully the problematic mods will be fixed once the update comes out. Witcher 3 will receive the update on December 14, 2022 for all platforms. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC will see the most significant changes, including graphical improvements and ray tracing. It’s also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of Witcher 3, which will enjoy the new DLC content rather than visual upgrades.

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