Bluetooth speakers to buy under ₹500

When you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under $500, you’re looking for products with the most features and excellent sound. Today, some of the most popular Bluetooth speakers are compact, waterproof, offer excellent bass and treble, are stylish and are also compatible with the latest smartphones. Bluetooth speakers have risen in popularity as they bring “portability” to the picture. They can be easily taken anywhere as they are lightweight and small in size compared to most wired speakers and they can be charged without any problem. While these speakers are wireless, there are ports to establish a wired connection. Some Bluetooth speakers also have an SD card slot so users can insert an SD card loaded with their favorite songs. Other functionalities such as adjusting the volume or changing songs are also present in these Speakers. Brands such as Zebronics and pTron, which have other audio hardware on the market such as headphones and earbuds, offer some high-quality Bluetooth speakers. Below are some of the best Bluetooth speakers in India under ₹500.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

When compiling the list, we consider the design and functionality of each Bluetooth speaker. We look for features like playback time, battery backup, sound quality, charging type, connectivity and more. We also look at the weight and size for easy portability.

What to pay attention to when buying
When buying a Bluetooth speaker, one should look for the design and size suitable for indoor and outdoor use according to your requirements. One has to look for the connectivity of the speaker to provide wide compatibility. Sound quality, power consumption, easy operation and more are some of the features to consider when buying. Also, one should consider the user ratings and reviews for the product.

This is a 5W portable speaker with stylish looks and lightweight design. It houses a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that gives 6 hours of playback time and 120 hours of standby time. The 40mm drivers in these Bluetooth speakers deliver clear and authentic sound with enhanced bass. The pTron Musicbot Lite supports an SD card of up to 32 GB and there is also a USB slot that can be used to connect external USB devices to play the music on it. There are also integrated music and call button controls in this speaker. The pTron Musicbot Lite is available in the colors black, blue and red.

Pros cons
Lightweight design
Easy operation

bluetooth speakers for sale under ₹500

Multiple connectivity The CINEFX Ultra 3D is a Bluetooth column speaker with 10W speakers tuned to provide high quality sound reproduction. This speaker contains a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that provides a total of 4 hours of playback time. These Bluetooth speakers offer multiple connection options. In addition to Bluetooth, users can connect through the USB or AUX ports or insert an SD card. This speaker also supports FM radio. The powerful 3D bass of these speakers will get anyone going! Functionality buttons such as volume up/down, play/pause music, receive/end call and mode are provided on the speakers. The CINEFX Ultra 3D is also water and splash proof, so users can take it outside, perhaps through a poll, and listen to their favorite songs.

Pros cons
Clear sound Average battery life
Dual Speaker

bluetooth speakers for sale under ₹500

These super-compact and round Bluetooth speakers have a rechargeable battery of 200 mAh and offer a total of 12 hours (when the volume is set to 50%) of immersive music playback time. This 5W speaker is ideal for outdoor use as it is easy to carry, lightweight and fits anywhere. The Green Apple 5W Super has a built-in microphone so that users can have a hands-free experience while answering/ending calls. This speaker also has an IPX4 rating for water resistance. This Bluetooth speaker may be small, but it impresses. Users will have an immersive experience while listening to their favorite music. This loudspeaker is provided with a provision for inserting a lanyard. Users can attach a cord to this speaker and simply hang it around their wrist or casually hang the speaker from their neck while playing music.

Pros cons
Compact design
Hanging design for comfortable carrying

bluetooth speakers for sale under ₹500

World Tech Electronics’ portable DJ Sound Blast speakers deliver a 10W audio output that’s enough to energize you and hit the dance floor. This speaker contains a rechargeable battery of 3.7 V and 1200 mAh that provides hours of fun. These Bluetooth speakers offer multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, AUX, USB and a micro SD card slot. This speaker has different buttons for different functionalities. There is a volume up and volume down button, a power button, an FM button, and a Time Out/Answer the Call button. This Bluetooth speaker also has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, which means that if you go on an adventure and can take this speaker with you, it can withstand light to moderate rainfall. The noise canceling feature on this speaker provides an enhanced listening experience.

Pros cons
Sound quality Average battery life
Wide Compatibility

bluetooth speakers for sale under ₹500

Zebronics Zeb-County Portable Bluetooth Speaker is small, lightweight and comes with a carrying handle. This speaker comes with a 57mm driver and gives a 3W RMS audio output. The Zebronics Zen-County can run comfortably for 10 hours before needing a recharge. It comes with a USB port and a micro SD card slot that can accommodate an SD card of up to 32 GB. There is also a built-in FM radio in this speaker. To access it, users just need to switch the speaker to FM mode and connect a micro USB cable to the micro USB port with the other end open (it acts as an antenna). The Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker is available in a variety of colors such as blue, black, gray, black + red, red, sea green, green, neon yellow, and orange + blue. Users can then enjoy different tunes played on different frequencies of the radio.

Pros cons
Call function: Average bass
Handle Design:

bluetooth speakers for sale under ₹500

The Invicto TG113 portable speaker offers 10W audio output for an immersive listening experience. This Bluetooth speaker has a 1200 mAh rechargeable battery that provides 5-6 hours of continuous playback time before needing a recharge. There are several buttons on this speaker such as a Volume Up button, Volume Down button, Play/Pause button, Power button and a mode button. Short press of the volume up/down button will play the next/previous track respectively. There is an AUX and USB port and an SD card slot on this Bluetooth speaker. At the touch of a button, users can also make hands-free calls. The Invicto TG113 is water and splash proof to provide protection against small amounts of water.

Pros cons
Easy operation

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