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New Delhi: Just as we were reeling from the shock of Tina’s eviction after Shalin chose to stick with the prize money for a fair shot for all inmates, the new promo is sensational to say the least.

While Salman Khan applauded Shalin for his sensibilities in not pressing the buzzer and saving the remaining prize money of 25 lakh, the inmates too could not contain their joy and had a newfound respect for Shalin. Earlier, when Soundarya, Archana and Sumbul were rescued from evictions at the expense of prize money, there was much uproar and strong reactions from the prisoners.

As Shalin was held at gunpoint to make the decision, he took a quick look at Tina and Sumbul and they both nodded in unison for him not to hit the buzzer. Tina even said Good decision, but it seems things went downhill when she was dropped due to too few votes.

According to the promo, Shalin is seen discussing how he couldn’t have pressed the buzzer, leaving the prize money at zero, as that would mean the contestants would lose motivation to win. Bigg Boss threw another googly and asked Shalin to pick again, hit the buzzer and call her back by losing all the prize money. Shalin looked visibly upset and frustrated, but this time followed his heart, resulting in Tina’s return to the house.

But it seems that Tina is on a mission and repeats what she always does, berating Shalin for not pressing the buzzer, contradicting her own statement just hours earlier, followed by a huge confrontation between the two.

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The fans are annoyed and question the creators about the prank the show has become as there have been practically no eliminations in recent weeks and they fear the show is losing its charm. Many took to Twitter to lash out at both Tina and the creators:

“That @BiggBoss saw #TinaDatta. As we saw that #ShalinBhanot was near the entrance shiv cried and Nimrit comforted him. The audience wants to know what clip you showed her and brought her in. It’s definitely a scripted show. No elimination, who goes, comes in?’

“I saw tomorrow’s clipping. #TinaDatta is coming back. Feel like boycotting the show!! Her arrogance has now increased 100 times more. #shalinbhanot v feel sorry for your husband!’

“#TinaDatta is not exposing #ShalinBhanot. She’s exposing herself now. well done To all those i love back bitching u did to #ShalinBhanot Public bhul jayegai kya awwww Man lia shalin fake but he never respected your pice se’

I feel like shalin did masti just like him to dodge their questions…BB promo se khel raha hai

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Well, we totally agreed, but Shalin continues to make the most headlines this season! Fans who are heartbroken after Tina leaves the house without hugging Shalin are calling her feelings fake. One thing everyone will remember Bigg Boss 16 for is the hugs Shalin and Tina exchanged. There are countless memes of the same performing their infamous hugs.

Last night’s Weekend Ka Vaar drama surpassed every season in every way. After Sumbul and Tina landed in the bottom two, it came as a shock that Bigg Boss asked Shalin to make a hard call. He had to choose between protecting the prize money or saving the two from expulsion, with Shalin choosing the former, after which Salman Khan appreciated Shalin for the decision and so did the other inmates.

What followed was quite a shock. As Tina and Sumbul both nodded in unison for Shalin not to press the buzzer, after Tina’s eviction was announced, she started acting rather weird towards Shalin.

Tina went to say goodbye to the housemates as Shalin followed her around the house.

Tina went ahead and hugged MC Stan twice, which fans say is due to the latter’s huge popularity. She generously ignored Shalin, which irked fans and didn’t even exchange a hug or goodbye before leaving.

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The fans who shipped for the pair are heartbroken and those who always believed Shalin was played are rather angry.

“felt bad for #ShalinBhanot he was being used by Tina she literally hasn’t even met him #BiggBoss16”

Bigg Boss 16 will air on ColorsTV and the Voot app.

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