Best home theatre under ₹10000 in India

When buying the best home theater under ₹10000, factors such as power, connectivity and sound quality are taken into consideration. Ideal is a home theater system that enhances users’ viewing experience with high-quality surround sound output, provides seamless connectivity and takes up minimal space. Brands such as JBL, Panasonic and Zebronics have several offerings from the budget home theater segment. They bring crackling sounds and are compatible with multiple devices such as computers, game consoles, PCs, mobile phones, music players, DVD players and more. Today’s technology has also helped manufacturers come up with energy-saving hardware that allows buyers to save tons of energy, leading to significant cost savings in households or offices. Not to mention these home theater systems have significant visual appeal. Some of the best home theaters under ₹10000 in India can be easily purchased online through Amazon. Check out the list below.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

When making a list of the best home theaters, we consider several features and factors to help you make the right purchase. We look for connectivity options, sound output, space, voice support and more. Apart from features, design and functions, we consider user ratings and reviews.

What to pay attention to when buying
When buying a home theater one should look at the design and sound reproduction according to the space in the room. One should look for features like sound quality, connection ports, compatibility, power consumption and more. The mounting type of the loudspeakers must also be taken into account.

Home theater Functions Output Power: Product Link:
JBL Cinema SB241 2.1ch Dolby Digital soundbar 110W Buy on
Zebronics Zeb Juke Bar 7400 Pro 5.1 channel sound bar 180W Buy on
GOVO GOSUR ROUND 900 2.1 channel sound bar 160W Buy on
Panasonic SC-HT550GW-K Multiple connectivity options 150W Buy on
Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL Multiple connectivity options 80W Buy on
Philips Audio-in-SPA 5190B/94 SD card slot 90W Buy on

JBL is one of the best audio hardware manufacturers in India. Their line of premium headphones and earbuds is highly popular and a favorite with buyers. With the Cinema SB241, they bring an excellent home theater system capable of delivering the authentic sound that users desire. The JBL Cinema SB241 home theater consists of a 2.1 channel Dolby Digital soundbar that provides 110W audio output and a wired subwoofer for extra bass. Connection to this home theater can be easily established via the HDMI ARC port or wirelessly via Bluetooth. There is a special speech mode on this system to improve the clarity of the voice. It can be turned on by pressing the ‘Voice’ button on the remote control. Users can also configure their TV remotes with the Cinema SB241. This home theater has a sleek design and fits easily into any environment because it takes up little space.

Pros cons
Standby mode purity
Compatible with TV remote

Best home theater under ₹10000 in India

The Zeb-Juke Bar 7400 Pro features a 5.1-channel soundbar with 3 drivers, a powerful subwoofer and 2 rear satellites. This gives users a 180W RMS clear surround sound output with enhanced bass that enhances their listening experience. Included with this home theater system is a remote control with buttons to adjust volume, bass, treble, and various mode and equalizer selection options. LEDs on this system indicate the volume levels or which input is selected. The Zeb-Juke Bar 7400 Pro offers multiple connection options, both wired and wireless. It can be easily connected to smartphones via Bluetooth or to laptops via an AUX cable. This home theater has a wall-mounted design, which means that users can’t simply place it anywhere on the TV cabinet, but can hang it up and make it look more stylish.

Pros cons
Bluetooth connectivity Price
Controlling type

Best home theater under ₹10000 in India

The GOVO GOSURROUND 900 home cinema features a 2.1-channel soundbar with 4 drivers and a 6.5-inch wired subwoofer. With its peak 200W peak/160W, RMS 3D surround sound output, the audio is enhanced and is sure to give users an immersive experience. GOVO GOSURROUND 900 home theater has a futuristic look. The sleek and fashionable design, and can be mounted on the wall. The GOVO GOSURROUND can be connected to multiple devices via the AUX, HDMI ARC or USB ports. Using the remote control, users can easily cycle through different modes, control the equalizer, increase/decrease bass, treble, volume and more. This home cinema is a great addition to your TV cabinet.

Pros cons
Sound quality
Bass quality

Best home theater under ₹10000 in India

Panasonic’s SC-HT550GW-K is a 5.1-inch home theater capable of delivering a 150W surround sound output. The 4 subwoofers of 8 inches each can boost the lowest frequencies for enhanced bass sound. With this home theater system, users get a realistic experience while watching movies or their favorite TV shows. The SC-HT550GW-K home theater from Panasonic not only delivers the company’s signature sound output, but also has a design that makes it an excellent choice in the budget home theater system segment. The speaker and subwoofers can be mounted on the wall, which takes up less space and also looks attractive. This system can be seamlessly connected to various devices such as smartphones, PCs and laptops via Bluetooth or via AUX and USB cables. With the remote control of this home theater, you can adjust the volume, bass, treble and more.

Pros cons
Simple connectivity
Stylish design

Best home theater under ₹10000 in India

The Infinity Sonic B200WL home cinema consists of a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. This speaker can provide 160W peak audio output/80W RMS and the subwoofer delivers 40W deep bass response. The Sonic B200WL gives users multiple connectivity options as it is compatible with smartphones, laptops, TVs and more via Bluetooth, AUX and USB cables. This home theater system has an attractive design. It is very compact and sleek and can be mounted on the wall. This makes it an excellent choice as a home theater for domestic use. The multi-function remote control allows users to comfortably control volume and bass, and fine-tune audio to their preference with three different equalizer modes.

Pros cons
Wireless connection bit heavy
Sleek design

Best home theater under ₹10000 in India

A 5.1 channel multimedia speaker system that delivers authentic sound quality and enhanced bass for immersive listening. The Philips Audio in-SPA 5190B/94 home theater system has 5 speakers, each capable of delivering 12W audio output. The subwoofer with a 3-inch driver provides 30W of deep bass, bringing the total power of this system to 90W. This home theater system is ideal for households as it is compact, lightweight and stylish. Users can connect multiple devices such as smartphones, TVs, game consoles, laptops and more to this system via Bluetooth, USD or an AUX cable. There is provision to insert SD card in this home theater system so that users can play preloaded songs.

Pros cons
Sustainably built Average sound quality
Matt finish

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