7 SHOCKING accusations made by Charu Asopa on estranged husband Rajeev Sen

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s marriage is on the rocks and the actress has filed for divorce. After dating for a short time, the duo, then head over heels in love, soon took the plunge. Charu and Rajeev had a dreamy beach wedding on June 7, 2019. However, within the first few days of getting married, problems started to arise between the couple. Since then, news of their on-and-off marriage has made headlines and Charu has finally put the final nail in the coffin by demanding a divorce. Amid this ongoing feud, Charu Asopa spoke out about what went wrong in their marriage and made some shocking allegations against her estranged husband Rajeev Sen, the brother of Bollywood actress and Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen.

1. Turn off the house cameras

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Charu Asopa claimed that: Rajeev Sen would turn off the CCTV cameras of their house behind her back. Whenever she questioned him, he waved it off with a rhetorical question. “During the first few months of my pregnancy I was in Bikaner, and even when I went somewhere, behind my back, he always turned off the house’s cameras. When I asked him why he was doing this, he swiped say, “You want to spy on the house like Bigg Boss.” This was one of the smallest things I didn’t pay much attention to. He spent his whole day outside in the name of the gym,” said the actress.

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2. Allegations of mental and physical abuse

Charu Asopa accused Rajeev Sen of mentally abusing her by always pressing her trigger points. She also stated that Rajeev was extremely insecure and possessive which prompted him to raise his hands to her. The Akbar Ka Bal Birbal actress stated: “I shared this news with everyone and the whole family knew about it. When this happened I would think that I would not live here and just leave. But somehow I loved him so much that I would buy all his excuses and fall for them And then I always thought of giving him chances and starting over The 3.5 years of marriage just went on waiting for our new start. ‘

3. Rajeev asked her to stop acting

Charu said that Rajeev would text her co-actors and ask them to stay away from her. The show’s producer had to end Charu’s character to stay away from the drama. “It was Rajeev who said to stop TV and start vlogging. When I’m not in front of him, he feels like I’m doing something wrong because he has trust issues. His level of possessiveness is extremely different when he’s in front of me.” months and blocks me everywhere. Even I don’t understand this kind of possessiveness. He has been living alone for several years. So after marriage, he may not be able to settle for the idea of ​​his space being shared. I really don’t know what it is because even if he stays at home, he is gone most of the day,” said Charu.

4. Rajeev accused of infidelity

“After staying in Bikaner for a few months, I returned to Mumbai and spent most of my pregnancy here. He left for his gym in Bandra early in the morning at 11am from eastern Goregoan and returned in the morning. back at night around 11pm, sometimes When I asked him why it takes him so many hours, he often said, “When I see traffic on the map, I drink coffee in Bandra cafes and wait for the traffic to slow down, then go to leave home.’ I trusted this too. Sometimes he said he slept in the car and many other excuses. Once he just went to Delhi without saying and I moved things here and there, and then I found something in his bag, through which I found out that he’s cheating on me,” Charu said.

5. Claimed to be unavailable for daughter Ziana

Charu Asopa claimed: “In the past 11 months, he has not come once for… Ziana‘s vaccinations, it’s a record, he was never there. I don’t just say things out of the blue, I have proof. The world has also seen that he has never been available. When Ziana had dengue, after two days of her hospitalization, when the cannula was repaired, the medications had started. Before coming, he booked a hotel there and would barely spend 2 hours with Ziana and return to his hotel. If his daughter is in the hospital, why can’t he stay with her in the hospital? I lived there.”

6. Not Being There During Her Pregnancy

The actress said she didn’t get the emotional support she wanted from her husband during her pregnancy. She stated: “When I was eight months pregnant, he never once asked me how I was feeling. Instead, he bragged about meeting Tiger Shroff and Ranveer Singh at the gym. He never asked how my day was. “There’s a thousand things she’s going through. I never said anything because I thought it would spoil his mood and he’d leave the house again.”

7. Rajeev threatened to throw her off the balcony

Charu Asopa shared in an interview that she will continue to tell the truth about how Rajeev allegedly threatened her from the balcony and abused her. Except that, Charu quashed the allegations made by Rajeev. had imposed on her of an affair with her driver and actor Karan Mehra.

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