5 tips to defeat Scaramouche boss easily in Genshin Impact

Defeating Scaramouche in Genshin Impact 3.2 is the key to collecting important materials for characters like Nahida and Layla. Taking down this powerful Weekly Boss can be tricky though, as he uses a lot of different powerful attacks during his fight.

Fans will have to strategize when battling this massive enemy if they want to defeat him quickly. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks they can use to their advantage. The Scaramouche boss fight has some unique features that make it easy for gamers to beat it.

Beating Scaramouche isn’t that hard in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact players can record it Scaramouche as part of Sumeru’s latest storyline expansion released along with the 3.2 update. This boss will provide players with a serious challenge thanks to Scaramouche’s dramatic Electro attacks and far-reaching AOE explosions.

5) Avoid taking Electro

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Gamers want to avoid Electro characters going into this battle as in many stages the damage they can deal will not be valuable. Due to Scaramouche’s Electro-resistance, most damage of this type will be greatly ineffective or even nullified.

Fans should change their Genshin Impact team’s compositions before starting this boss fight and prioritize other elements like Pyro, Dendroor cryo.

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4) Keep its multiple stages in mind

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Players need to memorize the different phases of the Scaramouche boss fight if they want to defeat him quickly. They will have to devise a strategy accordingly.

He has three different stages that he goes through before being knocked out, and gamers have to take him out three times before they can claim rewards. Make sure to keep track of healing and energy to easily defeat him.

3) Try to beat his first stage in one cycle

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When players attempt to take down Scaramouche for the first time during the first phase, players must prioritize dealing as much damage as possible and activating his second phase. If fans don’t do this, Scaramouche will rise again with an improved moveset that will make it much harder to beat him.

2) Bring a distance character to battle

Boss fight Scaramouche has a special voiceline if Raiden dies in battle https://t.co/ksgpZ2AbIx

Genshin Impact players will need to bring a ranged character into this fight if they want to make the fight easier as he will release four Electro-shielded drones during the final phase of Scaramouche that can be very hard to hit with a melee character.

Fans should make sure not to bring an Electro ranged character for this, as destroying the drones with entities of that type is nearly impossible. For the last stage, the recommended characters include Amber/Yoimiya or Pyro Catalyst users, as they can deal tons of damage to the drones at a great distance.

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1) Pay close attention to unique mechanics

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There is a unique mechanic which arises during the second phase of the Scaramouche battle, where players take control of the Neo Akasha Terminal. This tiny drone will follow gamers as they fight their opponent, dealing him damage and draining his shield.

Over time, the Neo Akasha Terminal will build up a powerful shot that will deal massive damage to Scaramouche’s shield, and by using this attack, the fight will end much faster.

Firing the Neo Akasha Terminal in Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)
Firing the Neo Akasha Terminal in Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)

However, it is possible to miss this offensive maneuver. This is why fans should make sure to wait until the move is sure to land. To activate the attack, press the interact button or tap the highlighted icon when the Neo Akasha Terminal is charged, then press the Elemental Skill button to fire it at the boss.

Using this attack a few times will allow players to put Scaramouche in a vulnerable state where he can be easily defeated in Genshin Impact.

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