5 Reasons Austin Theory lost his Money in the Bank cash-in on WWE RAW

Former United States Champion Austin theory shockingly lost Money in the Bank cash-in during the main event of the latest edition of WWE RAW.

Seth Rollins issued an Open Challenge for his title in the United States and multiple superstars accepted the competition. Finn Balor initially came out to confront The Visionary, but The Judgment Day ended in a brawl with The OC. Mustafa Ali tried to accept it, but Bobby Lashley attacked him before taking on the challenge himself. However, The All Mighty didn’t officially start the match when he attacked Rollins.

Austin Theory, in an effort to take advantage of an incapacitated Rollins, attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. This was ruined by Lashley, who dragged the referee out of the ring after hitting the A-Town Down. Taking advantage of the chaos, the Visionary linked up with the Stomp on Theory for a pinfall win and retained the United States Championship.

Below are five reasons why Austin Theory has joined the list of superstars with failed Money in the Bank collections on their resumes.

#5: He didn’t come across with the WWE universe

Austin Theory is an incredible talent in the ring, but his promos have not resonated in the WWE universe. The selfie gimmick was previously done by former superstar Tyler Breeze and he has been unable to connect with fans as a character.

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There are still many years to go in his career, but maybe it’s time for Theory to go back to the drawing board.

#4. Roman Reigns made him look like a fool

It’s gone downhill for Austin Theory since this happenedhttps://t.co/PUVv1UrKhv

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman rule and Austin Theory had a promo segment after that Vince McMahon resigned from the company. Theory noted that he is the youngest Money in the Bank winner of all time and promised to cash in on the Tribal Chief.

Reigns referred to Vince McMahon as Austin’s “daddy” and noted that he is no longer there to protect him. The 25-year-old has yet to recover from the moment.

After this back and forth, Theory tried to cash in on his contract several times, once at SummerSlam and again at Clash at the Castle. In both cases, however, he failed to make the coveted briefcase count. This has led to the theory losing a lot of momentum.

#3: It was the wrong choice

WWE Money in the Bank 2022 was broadcast live from the MGM Grand Arena on July 2. The men’s ladder competition concluded the show with seven superstars on the program.

However, Austin Theory was added to the contest as a surprise contestant and the crowd groaned collectively. It became pretty clear that Austin would win the match once he was added.

However, it felt undeserved for many fans, with the collective consensus that Theory could not claim possession of the briefcase.

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#2: His biggest supporter left

Vince McMahon and Austin Theory had several backstage segments on RAW. The former WWE CEO wanted Theory to be more aggressive and took him under his wing as his protégé.

It was clear that McMahon saw the former champion of the United States as the future of the company and tried to give his approval on screen. The conversations between the two often fell flat and didn’t help Theory’s popularity with the WWE universe.

The 77-year-old announced he retired at the end of July and Theory has been on the losing side of most of his matches since then. It’s likely that Triple H doesn’t view him in the same way as McMahon.

This could be one possible reason why Theory lost so many of its matches and its push since The Game took over the creative from the former CEO.

#1. Triple H has a different vision

After Vince McMahon left the company on Twitter in July, Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon took over as co-CEOs. Triple H was named Chief Content Officer.

The Game has more creative influence than ever in WWE and has drastically changed the product since he took over as Head of Creative. While Vince McMahon may have thought of Austin Theory as the company’s future, his son-in-law seems to think otherwise.

Austin Theory bragged endlessly that he was the youngest Money in the Bank winner of all time. He can now claim to be the youngest superstar to lose his cash-in opportunity too. The theory will see better days, but his career has clearly taken a step back after the regime change in WWE.

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How did you feel about Austin Theory losing his money in the bank? Let us know in the comments below.

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