5 best weapons for the Colossal Power Stance in Elden Ring to dominate Colosseum PvP

Elden Ring’s brand new v1.08 patch has released the highly anticipated Colosseum update, strengthening the game with PvP fight trials. The three Colosseum arenas are evenly spaced across The Lands Between, with one each in Caelid, Leyndell, and Limgrave.

The Colosseums have opened their gates. In update 1.08, players can now engage in Player versus Player arena battles using Marika’s effigies located in each Colosseum lobby or in the Roundtable Hold after visiting each location once. https://t.co/BFIwOeJQFs

Players who want to fight in this challenging PvP mode from Elder ring will have to be well prepared. That’s why this guide details the best colossal weapons that players can bring to the Colosseum with Power Stance.

Note: The following article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinion.

The 5 best weapons for a colossal Power Stance in Elden Ring’s Colosseum mode

As expected, fans will want the best weapon to bring to these PvP matches, and Power Stance allows them to wield colossal double weapons, making them even more effective. Elden Ring’s best colossal weapons are listed below, in no particular order:

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1) Giant crusher

This huge hammer can be found in a carriage south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Grace in Leyndell.

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Infused with the Endure ability and Ashes of War, this weapon can take down enemies with R2 and has the highest non-split AR in the game. The Giant Crusher is especially useful for blocking due to its high physical damage reduction in Blocking and Guard Boost.

In addition, the extreme damage of this weapon will definitely give players an edge in PvP. With the Endure ability, it possesses the following stats:

  • 88 Physical
  • 52 Magic
  • 52 Fire
  • 52 Light
  • 52 Holy
  • 58 critical hit boost
  • C force
  • 23.5 Weight

2) Golem’s Halberd

This colossal weapon scales well power and Dexterity, making it incredibly useful for melee damage and physical damage based builds.

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The weapon can be obtained by defeating a Golem wielding it near Limgrave Tower Bridge’s Site of Grace. It can also be infused with the Ashes of War, further increasing its powers.

In addition to the Charge Forth ability, this halberd has the following stats:

  • 75 Physical
  • 45 Magic
  • 45 Fire
  • 45 light
  • 45 Holy
  • 50 Crit boost
  • D Force
  • D Dexterity
  • 21.5 Weight

3) Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

This weapon also scales with strength and agility, making it great for melee attacks.

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Wielding this colossal weapon requires a fair amount of strength. Prelate’s Inferno Crozier can be infused with the Ashes of War and dropped by a Fire Prelate into Fort Laiedd near the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace.

This weapon has the following stats with Prelate’s Charge:

  • 82 Physical
  • 49 Magic
  • 49 Fire
  • 49 Light
  • 49 Holy
  • 55 critical hit boost
  • C force
  • E Dexterity
  • 23.5 Weight
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4) Fallingstar Beast Jaw

This weapon scales decently with agility, intelligence, and strength, making it the ideal choice for piercing through enemies. The unique ability, Gravity Bolt, knocks down a bolt of lightning on an enemy. Interestingly, this weapon primarily deals more physical than magical damage, making it the worst scaling in intelligence.

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In addition, this weapon cannot be infused with the Ashes of War. Elden Ring players can obtain it as a drop from the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast near Mt. Gelmir.

The stats of the weapon with Gravity Bolt are as follows:

  • 70 Physical
  • 55 Magic
  • 43 Fire
  • 43 Light
  • 43 Holy
  • 50 Crit boost
  • D Power
  • D Dexterity
  • E intelligence
  • 21.5 Weight

5) Duelist Big Axe

The Duelist Greataxe scales primarily with strength and agility and is great for melee-style attacks. As expected, a high Strength stat is required to use this colossal weapon.

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This greataxe can be collected from the Duelist enemies near the Colosseum in Leyndell (close to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace) or by defeating the Duelist in the Sainted Hero’s Grave. It should be noted that this weapon must be obtained before defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade, as the Duelists will disappear if he is defeated.

This weapon is extremely versatile and can be imbued with both Ashes of War and Magic, significantly increasing its stats. It also possesses Endure’s weapon ability.

The stats of the Duelist Greataxe with Endure are as follows:

  • 78 Physical
  • 47 magic
  • 47 Fire
  • 47 Light
  • 47 Holy
  • 52 crit boost
  • E Power
  • D Dexterity
  • 20 Weight
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These weapons are sure to help even the most seasoned adventurers in Elden Ring, and they’re all versatile for PvP combat.

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Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022 for Play stationXbox and PC and received very positive reviews. Most recently, Elden Ring won this year’s Game of the Year award.

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