5 best Minecraft 1.19.2 seeds for villages (2022)

Minecraft’s villages are incredibly helpful structures worth seeking out. They own villagers to trade with and free items to loot.

It is fine to search for villages yourself. However, it is also possible to enter world seeds and create a world with easily accessible villages.

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These seeds can make the search for villages much easier, resulting in better loot and trade opportunities early in an adventure.

There are many seeds that are great for spotting villages in Minecraft version 1.19.2. Below are some of the best that should help players in their hunt for the structures.

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-9036966008009856678 and 4 other 1.19.2 seeds to find villages in Minecraft Bedrock and Java

1) 7131056437094992712 (Java)

In total, there are five villages in the immediate range of this seed's spawn point (Image via Chunkbase)
A total of five villages are in direct range of this seed’s spawn point (Image via Chunkbase)

This seed should be incredibly useful for Minecraft: Java Edition players, with a plethora of villages a short walk from spawn. The nearest village can be found at (X: 112, Z: 288) and there are four more nearby. Other villages can also be found at some distance.

In addition to the villages, players can see a destroyed Nether portal at (X: -280, Z: 200) and a shipwreck off the coast of the spawn point at (X: 168, Z: 40). The village on (X: 400, Z: 640) also has an adjacent shipwreck at (X: 456, Z: 648).

Five nearest village coordinates:

  • (X: 112, Z: 288)
  • (X: -416, Z: 192)
  • (X: -288, Z: 752)
  • (X: 400, Z: 640)
  • (X: 656, Z: 368)

2) -8122833949808901986 (Java)

Two villages rest peacefully over each other along a river (Image via Mojang)
Two villages rest peacefully over each other along a river (Image via Mojang)

While this Minecraft seed doesn’t have as many villages as some when spawning, it does have two placed across a small river from each other.

The two villages can be seen immediately when they spawn in the world. This means that players don’t have to hunt or search. Players can do whatever they want with the two villages, including bridge them together to create a thriving community.

Other points of interest include a looter outpost at (X: -288, Z: 48) and two ruined Nether portals at (X: 168, Z: 120) and (X: 216, Z: -264).

3) -9036966008009856678 (bottom)

The closest village to this seed has remarkable terrain placement (Image via Mojang)
The closest village to this seed has remarkable terrain placement (Image via Mojang)

While some Minecraft seeds have a plethora of villages, others possess incredibly unique ones.

This Bedrock Edition seed falls into the latter category and players should find a village on (X: -168, Z: -312). As you approach it, you’ll notice that this series of multi-tiered village buildings is set next to a mountainside of sand.

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It’s rare for Minecraft to generate terrain and structures in this way, and players should have a blast expanding the village or building around the mountain itself.

4) 3546842701776989958 (bottom)

This seed's village can get a little hectic (Image via Mojang)
This seed’s village can get a little hectic (Image via Mojang)

The closest village in this Minecraft: Bedrock Edition seed contains a lot. When players approach the village at (X: 200, Z: 200), they will find that it has a shipwreck, a looters outpost, a desert pyramid, and a ruined Nether portal all within its borders. If players can quickly clear the looters’ outpost, the villagers can still survive their terrible ordeal.

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Once the coast is clear and everything is clear, players can start looting the many structures in the village. There may even be a cage where a solution can be liberated and brought into the fold.

5) -5694368681594500133 (Java)

It's safe to say that this seed's village is well protected from danger (Image via u/DylanDC14/Reddit)
It’s safe to say that this seed’s village is well protected from danger (Image via u/DylandDC14/Reddit)

Minecraft players start this seed right next to a looters outpost, so they will have to run to safety as soon as possible. However, an opportunity arises at (X: 0, Z: 0), where a tall spire rests.

Though hard to see from the ground, a village rests atop the towering grounds, protecting the villagers from any threats.

Minecraft players can certainly use this village as a refuge, but for that, they must first climb the huge spire. However, with plenty of building blocks to hand, this shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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