4 directions for Roman Reigns following WWE Crown Jewel

In ‘s blockbuster main event WWE crown jewel, Roman Reigns Superman slammed and made his way through Logan Paul to take a massive win. The chieftain’s historic reign has now reached nearly 800 days and there are not many credible challengers left for him.

At the time of writing, the timeline for his next title defense remains ambiguous. Survivor Series, the last of the traditional “Big Four” premium live events of 2022, is three weeks away and it wouldn’t make much sense to leave your top star sitting outside the upcoming show. WWE’s annual Thanksgiving tradition may well be the last major event of the year, as day 1 has passed cancelledand no replacement has been announced yet.

Reigns needs a new course for the time being after his victory over Logan Paul. Here are four possible directions for this: Roman rule to crown jewel.

#4 Jake Paul challenges Roman Reigns to avenge the loss of his brother

so proud of my brother @LoganPaul what an iconic event @WWE I tried my best, but we’re coming back for those PUCEYs?

Roman Reigns may have been dealing with Logan Paul at Crown Jewel. De Maverick sustained a legitimate injury, which ruled out a rematch. However, Logan’s brother, Jake Paulcould stand up to avenge his loss and knock out The Tribal Chief to cause a massive upset.

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The MMA fighter recently took a win over Anderson Silva and quickly made a name for himself in martial arts. Older brother Paul thinks Jake’s transition to WWE is inevitable. The appearance at Crown Jewel only fuels those ambitions.

The story also writes itself. Logan Paul also has a “bloodline” that will stand up for him. Had it not been for Solo Sikoa’s timely entrance and The Usos’ distraction, The Maverick might have shocked the world. Jake Paul might want to teach Reigns and his friends a lesson in respect.

If WWE manages to strike a deal with the MMA fighter, then Roman Reigns vs. Jake Paul a strong possibility. The coming months are the ideal time for the two men to take advantage of the heat and energy around them.

#3 Drew McIntyre challenges Roman Reigns to a rematch of WWE Clash at the Castle

Time for WWE to rethink this rivalry
Time for WWE to rethink this rivalry

Back in Sept, Drew McIntyre bravely fought against Roman Reigns in the main event of Clash at the Castle. Much to Cardiff’s chagrin, The Scottish Warrior lost the dramatic classic after Solo Sikoa’s debut. After the Cardiff show, McIntyre turned his attention to Karrion Kross, who had been an eyesore for a while.

The Scottish Warrior defeated Kross in a Steel Cage match at Crown Jewel, which likely marked the end of their three-month rivalry. The former NXT champion was an obstacle in his path to become the undisputed WWE Universal Champion. With him and Scarlett Bourdeaux out of the way, McIntyre can turn his attention to Reigns.

The two-time world champion promised Cardiff that he would become the undisputed world champion, and he could achieve that against The Tribal Chief much sooner than we expected. Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre has many angles to explore, and with the chemistry they share, Triple H should consider rethinking the rivalry.

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#2 The Bloodline vs. The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre in a Men’s WarGames match

the bloodline, minus Roman Reigns, took out Sheamus a few weeks ago. This was done to write television’s The Celtic Warrior for his wedding. Butch and Ridge Holland stepped up to avenge their mentor, but The Usos won their Tag Team match at Crown Jewel.

The Irishman may be nearing his return and want some payback after The Bloodline’s horrific attack. When the tribe is threatened, the chief must stand up. The return of Sheamus may prompt The Tribal Chief to frame himself and take care of things.

The Bloodline, not counting Sami Zayn, has four members and The Brawling Brutes have three in their ranks. Enter Drew McIntyre, a man with a lot of history with Reigns and his allies. The Scottish Warrior is also a close ally of The Celtic Warrior.

Along with McIntyre, The Brawling Brutes can close out The Bloodline at Survivor Series WarGames. It’s up to both teams to win, but one thing is certain. It’s going to be a “banger”.

#1 Team Wyatt vs. The Bloodline

youtube cover

Not long ago, Xero News reported that WWE was planning a huge match in WarGames. It was rumored that Team Wyatt would face The Bloodline, but the source also noted that these plans were unlikely. While the encounter is quite unlikely, the creative team needs to reconsider.

Bray Wyatt maybe not come back alone. The segments that aired on SmackDown over the past month have hinted at other past characters associated with Wyatt. The mysterious “Uncle Howdy” is another figure to keep in mind. Therefore, the former universal champion has no shortage of allies.

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Bo Dallas and Erick Rowan are the obvious candidates to help him. Braun Strowman, a former brethren of the Wyatt Family, could realign with his former mentor. Plus, Wyatt and Reigns are two of WWE’s biggest draws, and when pitted against each other, the wrestling world will be on fire.

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