23 best early Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals 2022: AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy sales

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are some of the best times of the year for tech bargains.

The main Black Friday shopping event, which concluded earlier in the week, always includes a range of offers for electronics, including laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

When it comes to Apple, deals are often scarce. However, if you’re willing to check out a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, you can still find a few gems, including Apple Watch models on sale after the event and before Cyber ​​Monday begins.

Check out the best early Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch deals available online below.

Latest Early Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch Deals

The last time this page received an update, these were the latest Apple Watch deals worth checking out:

Best Early Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch Deals

Below are the best Apple Watch deals we could find. Further down the page, you’ll see other interesting Apple Watch deals we’ve seen at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

  • Current price: $449
  • Original price: $499

If you’re eager to take advantage of Walmart bargains but want both GPS and cellular connectivity, there’s a 41mm Series 8 with those features on sale. At a higher price of $499, the same $50 discount is available.

  • Current price: $479
  • Original price: $529

Another deal that has been made is for the larger Apple Watch Series 8 model at Walmart. This 45mm device has both GPS and cellular connectivity and is available in four colors. You can save $50 on the typical RRP.

  • Current price: $279
  • Original price: $374

A sleek first-generation Apple Watch SE is also on sale at Walmart. This 44mm model with GPS and cell phone comes in gold and with a plum sport loop. The Apple Watch SE is discounted at $95.

  • Current price: $149
  • Original price: $249 (now marked as $279)

Finally, we’ve found a $100 discount on an Apple Watch SE. Available from Walmart, this model is a 40mm device with GPS connectivity and three color options. You can buy a 44mm model for $149.

Amazon Early Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch Deals

Here are some other Apple Watch Cyber ​​​​Monday deals currently happening at Amazon:

Walmart Early Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch Deals

Here are some other Apple Watch Cyber ​​​​Monday deals currently happening at Walmart:

Best Buy Early Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch Deals

Here are some other Apple Watch Cyber ​​​​Monday deals currently happening at Best Buy:

Best early Cyber ​​Monday carrier deals

While many of the Apple Watch deals we’ve found require the purchase of a device, some US carriers have launched sales of their own, offering Apple Watches for free or cheap, in exchange for signing up for a subscription service. Here are the best deals we found:


AT&T uses the phrase “bye gift one” to customers a free (equivalent) Apple Watch SE with an Apple Watch purchase. You must buy two Apple Watches on installment, add at least one new line, and activate both devices. You will then receive up to $330 in billing credits.

T Mobile

T-Mobile has one range of apple watch offers. One of the deals is a $100 discount on the Series 8 with a new line activation; you can buy an Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) for $99 with a new line, and you can get an Apple Watch SE1/SE2 for free with an iPhone purchase.


Sprint, part of T-Mobile, also offers $100 off Apple Watch devicesthe Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra, when you activate a line on an eligible plan.


Verizon will give you up to $250 off one Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra when you buy one, on any plan. The discount is settled in promotional goods.

Spectrum mobile

The carrier offers customers three months Smartwatch access free with an Apple Watch purchase.

With so many retailers jumping on the bandwagon of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, it can be difficult to move from store to store trying to find the best deal on the product you want.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best deals we can find on Apple Watch products and will price trackers, legacy sales, and whether or not retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart compete with each other on price. drops.

Apple Watch products don’t appear on sale as often as many other smart watches, but when they appear, we’ll try to find the best deals available for different budgets – and these can include refreshed models.

Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November every year. In 2022, Black Friday fell on November 25.

The day, which takes place after Thanksgiving, marks the start of the US shopping season. In recent years, however, Black Friday has expanded into the full week alongside Cyber ​​Monday.

Cyber ​​Monday takes place after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While originally associated with the e-commerce element of online shopping, many US retailers are now using the day to promote the sale of technology, including laptops, smartphones, tablets and home electronics.

In 2022, Cyber ​​Monday will take place on Monday, November 28.

ZDNET scours early Cyber ​​Monday sales to find this year’s best deals:

Our experts have also broken down the best deals by retailer, brand and category, which you can see below.

Cyber ​​Monday deals by retailer

Cyber ​​Monday deals by brand

Cyber ​​Monday deals by category

Here are some of the cheapest deals we’ve found so far:

Cyber ​​​​Monday deals live blog

Finally, if you want to see the latest early Cyber ​​Monday deals as soon as they come out:

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